A Personal Note From Will


I’m filled with some very confusing feelings that I’ve been wrestling with since I’ve heard the news. I’m sure everybody heard about Ian Watkins from Lostprophets  shameful exploits. If you haven’t, I’ll summarize…he admitted to attempting to rape a one year old, plus a handful of other equally horrendous child abuse violations.

It is horrible, it is evil, and it is embarrassing for anyone who has ever stood-up for him, and also for those associated with him from fans, labels, family, girlfriends, friends, and his entire band, who quit immediately upon hearing the news. 

Why are you so butt-hurt Will? 

Lostprophets song “Shinobi vs Ninja Dragon” really opened up my mind. Granted, it’s not a deep song or even really that catchy, but it started a spark for me that remains to this day. Their guitar tone was something that really spoke to me. Like many artists, I struggle to write music that pays homage to those who inspire me. Lostprophets wasn’t the only band that left an imprint on me without ever meeting them, but it certainly was a big enough imprint for me to blog about.

I know most people would say that their personal life has nothing to do with their art, but how do you take away a positive message from the art when the artist’s horrible personal life is so shitty?? (e.g. Potty mouth sensation Oasis or eau du piss Mr. R.Kelly).

More than likely he’ll be killed in prison. His art is tainted and ruined. People will not be able to say the band’s name without immediately saying “rapist.”

So what can I take away from this? Sadness, anger, resentment, inspiration… but most importantly to realize that we-who-choose-to-inspire have a responsibility. Whether that’s the role of a father to his son, teacher to their student, doctor to their patient, or artist to their audience. Your actions and your life touches more people than you can possibly fathom.