Andreka Jasek

Andreka from The Adarna

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Instrument: Lead Guitarist
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Random Fact: Lives and breathes the movie Top Gun

Andreka Jasek (on-dre-kuh Jay-sic) is a founding member of The Adarna.  1st generation Polish-American originally born in Florida, she moved toAndreka Jasek from The Adarna Seattle at a young age where she immediately became a figure in the Seattle music scene.  It was there that she met William and together they founded The Adarna.   Andreka attributes much of her guidance in the music industry to her 3 mentors: Clyde Holly,  Chris McClurken, and her brother, Zig.     Some of her passions include speed skating, riding motorcycles, modeling, reading, and her cat - Radar.

Gibson/ Epiphone Arist
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Guitars: Gibson SG, Ibanez Acoustic
Amplifier and Cabinet: Marshall 1960 A | Peavy 5150
Pedals: Line 6, Dunlop Kirk Hammett Wah

5 Albums That Changed Andreka's Life:

TLC -CrazySexyCool
Metallica - Reload
The Cult - Love
Dr. Dre - The Chronic
GNR - Appetite for Destruction