Oliver Spencer

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Instrument: Bass, Vocals
Hometown: Seatttle, Washington
Random Fact: Oliver and hot sauce are one with each other

After the “Failed Mission to the Moon” and extensive “Teaching at Brown” period of his life happened. Oliver looked back and thought he needed too cut loose more and break free from the lofty goals he and others had set before him. That’s right, he picked up a bass and starting chugging away.

Years of stress and accomplishments melted away and re-energized his lust for sheer unbridled passion. Rock music was now his “Eternal Mistress,” and he drink from her cup willingly.  Now in charge of a “Sonic Bukkake of Destiny” and armed with his Rumble 500 and Fender-P Bass he does his best to thump and gyrate your lower half.  Greasier than a steak house kitchen floor.   Allow the full takeover of the senses to happen


Guitars: Fender Precision Bass
Amplifier and Cabinet: Fender Rumble 500 | Ampeg Cabinet