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Live In-Studio Performance of Road to Resonance on Rock Rage Radio

The Adarna took to Facebook LIVE via Rock Rage Radio's page and performed their upcoming album Road to Resonance from start to finish!   In case you missed it, the performance is listed below.  The band initially aired to an audience on 2.8K for their first ever Facebook Live (not bad).   The band performed the songs in the order of their upcoming album from their rehearsal studio.  They took the time to talk about the influences behind different songs.  The album will release online July 10th, 2018 but the band is accepting advance orders here.


The Adarna Cameo Appearance

Hey there guys!   Wanted to share a fun thing that popped up online.  Back in 2011, The Adarna, were honored to be part of Yuji Okumoto's short film "OUT" as the credits rolled on by.  OUT is about Yuji's character being released after 15 years in prison, tries to reconnect with his estranged son and discovers he is not exactly what he expected.

Wait why does Yuji look familiar? You might recognize Yuji from Karate Kid 2 as he was whippin' some Daniel-san bootay!  But he's been doing a lot of acting since then and appearing in a lot of film's you've probably seen.

It's no secret that both Oliver & William were caught by the acting bug, but more recently William appeared as an Ozeki Henchman in Yuji's other short called "Black Thread."   The short is about a hitman who finds himself caught between his desire for revenge and damning himself to a hell of eternal suffering. #nice #brutal

So if you're interested in seeing the short, you're in luck!  You're only inches away from being able to.

Announcing: The Resonance Tour!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: We are proud to announce that we are embarking on our 8th National North American Tour -- The Resonance Tour!   YAAAY!  There are a number of stops along the way for you to catch up with us and see what's been in the works!   A couple of highlights we're excited about sharing is that The Adarna will be appearing at Bratfest in Madison WI alongside acts like Winger, Stryper, Bobaflex, Voodoo Fix, and the Gin Blossoms.    We'll also be returning back to Saikoucon for our 5th year and we couldn't be happier!

So what's been going on?  Well, over the last year we've been making big strides really pushing our sound, testing songs on unsuspecting audiences, and really stretching our comfort levels with the making of our first LP!   The name of the album is called  Road to Resonance and if you're seeing us after July 10th, you'll be able to pick up your very own copy!   Otherwise be sure to pre-order your copy here.  However  there's a great chance for you to preview our upcoming album  as we perform it live on Facebook Live  June 19, 2018 @ 7PM PST.   So be sure to mark your calendars and stay tuned for this new album!

Resonance Tour

Artwork by: Liam Brazier

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The Filming of “Gift of the Gab” Music Video

What an intense shoot!   The Adarna teamed up for their 4th music video with the mighty Tetraknot to film Gift of the Gab off the new album "Road to Resonance."   We are very grateful to the staff at the Purple Store for allowing us to use their warehouse to film our music video!  Thank you to Stacey from The Furniture Girls for helping connect us with the staff there.  

So much Sassiness happening on the music video set

So much Sassiness happening on the music video set with Don & Stacey!

Posted by The Adarna on Monday, May 7, 2018

The Adarna Appearing at Bratfest & Floodstock Festival

Hey out there Adarna-nots!

The 2018 year is already throwing it's share of hurdles but as the saying goes "anything that comes easy won't last, anything that lasts won't come easy."  With that spirit in mind we shift our minds from the studio and focus on touring!   We've been invited to perform at these two fantastic festivals.  Click for details and we want to see you out there on the road!  

The Adarna at Bratfest!  Madison WI

Big announcement! The Adarna has been added to the Grand Stage at Bratfest in Madison WI alongside Bobaflex, Aaron Lewis (Staind), Gin Blossoms, Black Stone Cherry, Saving Abel, Dead Horses, Stryper, The Voodoo Fix, Ultrea, Shallow Side and many more.

The Adarna at Floodstock Festival - Chehalis, WA

We're proud to announce, The Adarna, has been added to Floodstock alongside some of our favorite Seattle tribute bands: Outshined (Soundgarden Tribute), Jar of Flies (AIC Experience), and Washed in Black (Pearl Jam Tribute)!

The Adarna team up with Curtain Call Records

The Adarna - Curtain Call Records

Hey all, William here!  We’re proud to announce our latest superhero team-up! As you know, we’re working on our first full length album which we started just before the 2017 holidays and it’s coming along brilliantly! As we said before there’s a steep learning curve, but that shouldn’t stop us. This week we are meeting with our producer to start going over the current state of the tracks. In order for world domination*  and to get this record out to as many brutally epic fans as possible we need your help to spread our current music!   A share of a video or song goes a long way, and you shall be rewarded with high fives, in the halls of Valhalla!

With this in mind, The Adarna are teaming up with Curtain Call Records to join in this mighty conquest to spread the good word of The Adarna and their- Jet City Rock!   Stay pumped and stay tuned!

*All crossed-out words should be said aloud in your best death metal voice possible. Extra points for doing it quietly at your desk, but low enough that it bothers Janice in accounting.  Mind your own biz-nass Janice, dang.


Winter = Recording

Living in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) has a lot of advantages…   Killer seafood, alternative lifestyles, music is everywhere and we have the Seattle hotdog.   Though you may have your own opinion on the Seattle dog, let it be known that you are wrong and it is amazing. Amazing I say! #amazeballs  #niceweiner

That being said, a downside of the PNW is as soon as the mountain passes freeze, tour season is over and you can only really perform regionally.  For a band like The Adarna, we thrive on the live show so we have to harness all that energy and cabin fever into writing and recording instead of performing.   The recording process, is a beautiful and frustrating thing.  The goal is always to exceed expectations from your previous work, push yourself as an artist, and create something that is accurate of your band’s live sound.  This winter we are focused on tracking The Adarna’s 3rd official album which will be our first full-length.

The Adarna Recording Do What the $$ SaysWe’ve been chipping away at the recording process in-between touring but now is the time to really buckle down and flush out ideas.    One of the things that we are doing for this album that is unique, for us, is recording parts on our own.  Though we have all been in many recording studios, normally we leave the recording part up to the professionals.  However, times are changing and DIY is still the way to compete and keep costs low.   The more skills you and your team accrue the faster you can achieve your goals.  (This kind of sounds like a video game…)  As a modern-musician you’re expected now to wear many different hats (producer, marketer, manager, brander, fundraiser, networker etc ….oh and performer / musician.)  With that being said, we won’t let the quality drop so if we’re not happy with what we tracked, then we’ll bring in the experts.  The potential is that this could lead to more music being released faster by the band.

So with that being said keep your eyes & ears peeled as we dive into Logic Pro X.   There will be plenty of rants and frustrations on our social networks (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) for you to follow.  There’s a big learning curve against us but this is the age of Siri, Alexa, and YouTube Tutorials.  You should be able to figure out anything right?

Murdock is now a Pork Pie Percussion Artist!

We are elated to announce that our very own drummer, Murdock ,is a Pork Pie Percussion Artist!  Which means our jolly chap must consume one of these deeeelish Pork Pies daily!  Oh yum!  …now I’m hungry.

In all seriousness, Pork Pie is an American boutique drum company that specializes in custom drum kits.  What particularly makes this special is that Murdock was already a big fan of their drums for years! For any of  you fellow drummers out there, you might recognize the brand name from your drum throne unless you’re some kind of savage using just any old throne.  Their drum thrones are particularly quite a cushy ride while you’re blasting away at the drums, and The Adarna highly endorses all of their drum products.

Take a gander at a few of the photos courtesy of our very talented friend Greg Mitchell!    You might recognize a good number of his photos across our website.

Murdock (The Adarna) - Pork Pie Artist  - Photo courtesy of Greg Mitchell Murdock (The Adarna) - Pork Pie Artist  - Photo courtesy of Greg Mitchell Murdock (The Adarna) - Pork Pie Artist  - Photo courtesy of Greg Mitchell Murdock (The Adarna) - Pork Pie Artist  - Photo courtesy of Greg Mitchell Murdock (The Adarna) - Pork Pie Artist.  Murdock (The Adarna) - Pork Pie Artist Murdock (The Adarna) - Pork Pie Artist  - Photo courtesy of Greg Mitchell Murdock (The Adarna) - Pork Pie Artist  - Photo courtesy of Greg Mitchell Murdock (The Adarna) - Pork Pie Artist  - Photo courtesy of Greg Mitchell Murdock (The Adarna) - Pork Pie Artist  - Photo courtesy of Greg Mitchell Murdock (The Adarna) - Pork Pie Artist  - Photo courtesy of Greg Mitchell Murdock (The Adarna) - Pork Pie Artist  - Photo courtesy of Greg Mitchell


The Making of An Album : All or Nothing

After years of work and honing our songs, we're excited to share with you The Adarna's first LP Album! It'll be 11 songs of rock magic but we need YOUR help to make this next album a reality...

We have started a Kickstarter all-or-nothing fundraising campaign and we're already off to a strong start!   The fundraising campaign will only work if it's fully funded and reaches the goal by .  If you are really strapped for cash and can't help financially, we greatly appreciate it you'll help share the campaign so that we can get The Adarna's first full length album out!    If you are able to help, packages start at $15 for the album and you can also choose from private shows, BBQ listening parties, autographed CDs, handwritten lyrics and so many more rewards.  To reserve your future copy and choose your package, click [here]


The Adarna albums

Touring: Glamour, Guts, & Hype

Wendy broken downHey all!  William here.  As we sit here at the transmission shop in Austin, TX patiently waiting to find out our status of our tour & bus, we get a moment to reflect on the events of the Dollars & Dignity Tour.  We’ve been seeing friends and fans along the way as well as returning to cities we haven’t been to since our Rise Up Tour (2014).  Our darling tour bus, Wendy, is hobbling and this set back has led to us losing 3 tour dates (New Orleans, Biloxi, and Fort Walton Beach).   Our current gamble is to remain planted in Austin long enough so that we can get our beloved Wendy up-and-running in time for Rocklahoma.

Unfortunately, vehicle troubles on the road is something no band is immune to, even if you are travelling with a mechanic/Murdock.  Though we might be stranded, we still feel fortunate and eager to continue kicking ass.  I will tell you this: to all you hopeful musicians and people eager to tour… It is a muddled mess of: Glamour, Guts & Hype.

Glamour is the part that we all love!  Meeting fans, seeing friends/family along the way, seeing the Sad faceworld, trying new foods, having comforts while travelling, and lifting people’s spirits at a show!  Nothing beats getting to hear how your art has made an impact on someone else’s life!

Guts is knowing the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against you but thinking, “…So, you’re saying there’s still a chance?”  Making a career out of music takes a lot of time, dedication, and a resilience.  Which is why it’s so important to surround yourself with people you trust who can adapt and be resourceful.

The Adarna i Houston, TXHype is probably the part most people either are terrible at or very successful at.  In the age of the internet, mobile devices, push-updates, tweets, hashtags, and search engine optimization…being good at your instrument isn’t enough.  Not only do you have to make connections but you keep people informed.  Sometimes this can feel like you’re over-glamorizing something trivial but as we’ve seen, different things resonate with different people.   Cat pictures to stage shots…it’s all a chance to keep in contact.

We’ve still got a long way to go and plenty more shows ahead of us!  We will be on the road soon and we can’t wait to see you guys!  If you’re interested in trying to help by donating to the band, you can go to and scroll to the bottom of the page.  There’s an area to donate (and pick up a CD while you’re at it!)

Thank you for being a part of our journey…through the ups, downs, and uncertainties. We value each and every one of you. Until next time…
Much Love,

William, Andreka, Murdock, and Oliver