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The Adarna’s Tour Bus featured on Bus Invaders!

While on a tour stop in Belvidere, IL (a little outside of Chicago) the Digital Tour Bus caught up with The Adarna and got a walkthrough of Wendy as part of their Bus Invaders Episode.  Wendy is the very embodiment of the band's DIY-Never-Say-Die attitude.  So step in and have a watch as Murdock from The Adarna gives you the 411 with his thoughts behind the build and what it took for us to have a touring machine that has now crossed from coast-to-coast 4 times.

Interested in watching some of the process?  You can watch The Adarna build Wendy on this channel.

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On Set Of “Drugstore Cowgirl” Music Video

It was September 2019 and a great deal of silliness was about to befell.  The Adarna had gathered with Tetraknot to set out in making their 5th video with this production company.    The Adarna embarked on taking a completely new direction for their song, Drugstore Cowgirl.   Making this their 2nd music video off of the Road to Resonance album.

And now, a word from Chief tight pants and master of high kicks himself, William:

Q:  What's different about this music video versus other videos?
W:   This will be solely a storyline video (versus a performance video).  On top of that, I wanted to highlight some of our ideas and humor.  Yes, we do play in a serious rock band that talks about serious ideas and issues.  However, if you follow us online you might already have a sense of this, we are downright silly individuals.  Musicians don't always have to be moody people 🙂  This was also a great opportunity to involve some of our fans, friends, and other musicians to be part of our music videos.   Likely, this will set a new trend with how we make future music videos.

Q:  What was the reason you chose not to perform in the video?
We've already done that with our past music videos, we thought we'd try something new.

Q: Wasn't there some kind of music video you guys were filming on the East Coast?
W:  Yes originally, but it wasn't a good fit for us.  I think it's important to stay true to your band's art and the ideas behind it which is why we felt we owed our fans this next video.

Q: What's it like filming a music video?
There's a lot of "hurry up and wait."  You need to have shots planned out but more importantly, you need to have time for creative on-the-fly ideas to happen.   It does help that Oliver and I  have film experience so we know what shots we're trying to capture, but it's a reciprocal process with the production team.  We're very fortunate working with Tetraknot.  Since the beginning, they've been able to take our ideas, talk them out, provide options and make them come to fruition.

Q:  Since the MTV generation is passe, is there a point for making music videos?
W:  You shut your beautiful mouth!  Yes, there's still a point to making videos.  Most of us are visual creatures!  This offers us another medium to talk about an idea.  Whether or not the video goes onto some video network, this is just another way to tell a story.

Q:  Should we expect some kind of outtake reel then?
W:  I think that's safe to say.

Q:  There seems to be a reoccurring character in your music videos so far.  Is there a reason for this?
W:  ...I don't know what you're talking about.

Q:  Wait, what?
W:  Wuuuuut?

The Peanut Gallery

Lucky 7 Post-Tour Thoughts

The Adarna with Kathi on Tour

Hey Guys!  It's William here.  Now that the Lucky 7 Tour is complete we can all stretch out and relax a little bit.  Sure, we're feeling a bit antsy after getting back but these past 5 weeks have been a whirlwind for the band and I wanted to share some of my post-tour thoughts with you guys.  Though this was our 10th National tour, we've never shared a tour with another band before, so this was a real treat for us to see how Hinder,.  Saving Abel, and American Sin operated.  Overall we had a blast, it was exhausting and there was a lot of driving but it was so worth it.   We made so many new fans, friends, and spread the word of The Adarna!

Kathi's Birthday Cake

The 2019 tour kicked off May 23d from Seattle playing shows along the way to meet up with the bands in Marion IL one week later on the 30th.  Right away we could see this was going to be a great experience.  Not only was it our merch lady's birthday, Kathi, but she was presented with a cake from the staff on the first show!  On top of that, the show was awesome!  We played well and got along just fine with all the bands.  Of course, there were challenges every day from super long drives, equipment failures, our tour bus (Wendy) acting moody, to constantly feeling grossed out from sweating from days of touring in the summer.   But it was great!

I want to take a moment and focus on talking about Hinder.  Saving Abel, and American Sin were great guys to tour with and a lot of fun to hang out with.  However, we spent the longest time with Hinder so we ended up getting close with them and their crew.

THOUGHTS ON HINDER:   On behalf of The Adarna, we are nothing but floored by how professional,  fun, and talented these guys are.   Cody, Rex, Blower, Mark, and Marshal are just great dudes all around!

They surrounded themselves with a great crew who are taleThe Adarna with Hinder and Saving Abel in Greer SCnted musicians themselves and have been part of their Hinder family for some time.   Getting to meet their crew Jimmy, Sam, Shipley, and Cody (Poop) was like an extension of getting to really know how this band has been working for so long.  They were kind and gracious to their fans which says a lot about a band.     But the number one thing I was most impressed by is that they STILL love playing music after all this time.   They were having a great time on stage and it didn't matter if we were playing to a sold-out crowd or an intimate crowd.    This was a great learning experience for us.

I like to think that we uphold those very ideals that support our music that I find myself gushing over Hinder about.  The distinctive difference is TIME.  They've been doing this for so long and they still love it.  I don't know how often we meet bands who just don't share with us what they love about their art.  That's probably the biggest let-down about meeting musicians we respect along the way.   Some of them just forget the basics because of all the grinding and politics that come along with touring.  They forget to show us what they love.

What are the next steps?  Well, The Adarna will continue touring everywhere we can and sharing our music.  We will modify some of our marketing and we probably owe you some new songs so we'll spend some time writing before then.

I'll leave you with this,  this is a video that speaks louder than anything I could say from our last performance with Hinder, where they asked American Sin and The Adarna to join them on stage.





The Adarna+Hinder+Saving Abel+American Sin

Music Fights Back Festival 2019 WI

2019 is marking an important year for the Jet City Rock band known as The Adarna.  To mark the band’s 10th National Tour they will be joining Hinder, Saving Abel, and American Sin as part of the Lucky 7 Tour including dates Nationwide and in Canada.  In the past, The Adarna have headlined their own 9 tours, not afraid to focus on less conventional rock and roll venues including anime/comic conventions, schools, and DIY shows.  William, frontman for The Adarna states, “We see this as an asset for the band.  We’re used to proving ourselves to potential fans on tour and not waiting for opportunities to happen.”  The Adarna enters the Lucky 7 Tour armed with their 3rd album tilted, “Road to Resonance.”  Amongst the tour dates will be the Music Fights Back Festival in Wisconsin dedicated to providing support for children battling cancer.  They will share stage alongside their tourmates Hinder and American Sin as well as Smile Empty Soul, Cold Kingdom, Saul, Versus Me, and Eva Under Fire to name a few.

Tour Dates:                                                                                   
Thu May 23 2019 8:00p ---The Skylark—Seattle, WA
Fri May 24 2019  9:00p -------The Viking--Spokane, WA
Sat May 25 2019  9:00p --- #WomenCrush - VFW Ole Beck - Missoula, MT
Mon May 27 2019 8:00p --- Herman's Hideaway - Denver, CO       
Thu May 30 2019 7:00p--- Midwest Event Center Marion, IL
Fri May 31 2019 7:00p----- The Citadel Indianapolis, IN
Sat Jun 1 2019 6:00p------- V Club Huntington, WV
Sun Jun 2 2019 4:30p------ One Centre Square Easton, PA
Tue Jun 4 2019 7:00p-------The London Music Hall London, CA
Wed Jun 5 2019 7:00p------The Rockpile Toronto, ON, C
Thu Jun 6 2019 7:00p-------The Brass Monkey Ottawa, ON, CA
Fri Jun 7 2019 6:30p-------- Wally's Pub Hampton, NH
Sat Jun 8 2019 6:30p------- Aura Portland, ME
Sun Jun 9 2019 7:00p------ 33 Golden St. New London, CT
Tue Jun 11 2019 5:00p----- Starland Ballroom Sayreville, N
Wed Jun 12 2019 6:30p---- The Beacon Theatre Hopewell, VA
Thu Jun 13 2019 6:30p----- The Spinning Jenny Greer, SC
Fri Jun 14 2019 6:30p------- Capone's Johnson City, TN
Sat Jun 15 2019 6:30p------ The Lounge at Ledo Lynchburg, VA
Sun Jun 16 2019 7:00p----- The Cone Denim  Greensboro, NC
Tue Jun 18 2019 7:00p------ Hub City Brewing Jackson, TN
Wed Jun 19 2019 7:00p----- The Complex Springfield, MO
Thu Jun 20 2019 6:00p------ The Royal Grove Lincoln, NE
Fri Jun 21 2019 7:00p-------- Icon Lounge Sioux Falls, SD
Sat Jun 22 2019 12:00p----- Music Fights Back Festival Prairie Du Chien, WI
Sun Jun 23 2019 6:00p------ Apollo Theater Belvidere, IL
Tue Jun 25 2019 6:00p------ Civic Music Hall Toledo, OH
Wed Jun 26 2019 7:00p----- U Street Music Hall Washington, DC
Thu  Jun 27 2019  7:00p---- Cowboy Coast Saloon - Ocean City MD
Fri   Jun 28 2019   9:00p---- Bar None - Uniontown, PA
Sat  Jun 29 2019 830p------- Q Bar- Darien IL                                          

WOTS – Word on the Street Podcast

William Perry Moore from The Adarna Featured on WOTS - Word on the Street

William was recently featured on the podcast WOTS - Word on the Street, which is focused around the Seattle Music Scene and hosted by The Zim.  If you can bare through the first couple of minutes of poor quality from the skype call 😛 , you'll get to hear as William talks about The Adarna, their journey, and his views on the industry.

William was first made aware of this podcast after the Zim interviewed SMI writer and band manager Robin Fairbanks.  Naturally, he jumped at the chance to share his perspective talking about some of his favorite bands in the music scene, fundraisers (All-Star Porn Jam), touring life, supporting a music scene, and also suggestions on how to see forward progress in a music career.

Other things (in no particular order) William talks about:  Thai Dao, Jamie Rose, Veritas, Death by Overkill, Funiture Girls, Van Eps, Syztem7, Spotify Playlists, Ten Miles Wide, Intisaar, Bruiser Brody, and Upstream Music Festival.

Enjoy the podcast!

Jet City Rock Showcased in Northwest Music Scene

It’s always great to feel the appreciation from a music scene you adore!   Here’s a write-up from the North Music Scene on our latest album Road to Resonance!   We love you guys be sure to keep an eye on our tour dates for 2019!

– William, Andreka, Oliver, and Murdock

The Adarna

Music fans of the Pacific Northwest, get ready for our fifth annual year-end daily local music showcase, 100 Bands in 100 Days, where every day until December 31st, we’re showcasing a new band or artist you have to know about, once again presented by Verity Credit Union.

Make sure you are checking the #100Bands100Days hashtag on Twitter on a daily basis to stay on top of all the bands featured and be sure to follow Verity and NW_Music_Scene there. Some days the featured act could be an established and locally-adored northwest-based musician and other times they could be a band with a small following that just hasn’t had their deserved time in the spotlight yet. Either way, we’re fairly confident you can come away from this daily segment with plenty of new favorites. Today’s featured artist is The Adarna.

If you are on the hunt for another high energy northwest rock band to throw your support behind, today’s featured band is one you should take a look at. The Adarna has been in the trenches for a grip of years now and has built up a solid fanbase in the process. In 2018, they added the well-received full-length album Road to Resonance to their catalog. The Adarna has spent a great deal of time and energy to label themselves as Jet City Rock and it’s not a bad idea since there aren’t really any singular genre tags to slap on them. That said, no matter what you want to call them or not call them, songs like “Drugstore Cowgirl” off the new album display what the band is capable of. That particular song draws heavy influence from both Rob Zombie and Queensryche with a driving industrial metal beat and on the 2:01 long instrumental shredder, “Interlude” they put on display their symphonic metal capabilities with just a dash of doom. Check out Road to Resonance yourself at Spotify HERE and check out their latest video a bit further down the page.


The Adarna Release “Gift of the Gab”

We are so proud of our 4th music video with Tetraknot (formerly known as Avast!) A music video offers us a chance to talk about a concept behind the music in a visual form. We are excited to be able to share this with you and please help us spread the good word of The Adarna and Gift of the Gab! We love ya!

Any Cool Stories to Share About This Video?

We'd love to give a shout out to the Purple Store Seattle. As you can imagine, they sell nothing but purple things. Through a mutual friend they offered their space to The Adarna to film Gift of the Gab. So as we were performing we were surrounded in a warehouse filled with everything from purple bathrobes to purple dildos. Certainly made the shoot quite comical as you can imagine



We are so proud of our 4th music video with Tetraknot (formerly known as Avast!) A music video offers us a chance to talk about a concept behind music in a visual form. We are excited to be able to share this with you and please help us spread the good word of The Adarna and Gift of the Gab! We love ya!

Written by The Adarna | | Song produced by: Len Hotrum | Engineered by: Anthony "Fu" Valcic | Recorded at: Spidertopia, Seattle WA | Video Produced by Tetraknot | Directed by Kevin Preston & William Perry Moore | Cinematography by Asher Vast | PA Amy Greenwood | Edited by Asher Vast and Kevin Preston | VFX by Asher Vast

The Adarna added to M7 Artist + William to Perform at Chris Cornell Statue Unveiling

The Adarna Added to the M7 Agency Lineup
This is quite a great thing for the band. There's a number of very talented fellow acts on the roster we've worked with in the past like Smile Empty Soul, Cage 9, Everybody Panic, Shallow Side, and Windowpane. So it's a real honor to be part of that. We'll be really looking to maximize using the agency in early 2019. So while we're making epic plans, let us know where we need to hit on our next tour!

The Adarna Added to the M7 Agency Lineup

This is quite a great thing for the band. There's a number of very talented fellow acts on the roster we've worked with in the past like Smile Empty Soul, Cage 9, Everybody Panic, Shallow Side, and Windowpane. So it's a real honor to be part of that. We'll be really looking to maximize using the agency in early 2019. So while we're making epic plans, let us know where we need to hit on our next tour!

SAT OCT 6, 2018 - William to Perform at Chris Cornell Statue Unveiling in Seattle

William will be joined by the lead guitarist for Furniture Girls, Jason Lightfoot for the event. If you’re a Chris Cornell fan or a musician inspired by him, join us the night before his statue unveiling to hear rock bands performing Cornell covers & originals inspired by him. Carry On is a private show for fans of Chris Cornell to share and hear current musicians who will 'Carry On' our beloved artist’s sound and soul. *Admittance Includes: Live Music, Open Bar, Appetizers and Swag Bag! *Swag Bag will include event t-shirt so please email with shirt size preferred after purchasing your ticket (include 'Event T-Shirt' in subject line of your email & in the body the size next to each ticket holders name : ) *All ages show, 21+ MUST have valid photo ID to be served alcohol. *Tickets are $40 online, at the Door will be $50, no discounts for late admittance or for underage/non drinkers even on advanced ticket purchase. Doors Open at 8pm, please arrive 15 minutes prior to show beginning.

Slapped & Kissed by UK Magazine +”Firefight” to Appear in New Video Game

A Video Game... Sayyy Wuuut?

Vangaurd by Risen Phoenix StudiosBig news!   We are proud to announce our song "Firefight" will be featured on an upcoming video game featured on Steam called Vanguard by Risen Phoenix Studios.  The Adarna previously worked with Risen Phoenix for "Superman."

So for all you gamer's out there be on the lookout for Vanguard!  Big thank you to our friend Sean from Saikoucon for offering us this opportunity.

A Slap & A Kiss by UK Magazine -- Power Play

The Adarna
'Road to Resonance'
Jet City Rock (apparently)
Independent Release

See that genre? That's what Seattle's The Adarna want. Doesn't sound like that though. Sounds like a bag of indie, some usual rock and a bit of inspiration. Nice beat on "Drugstore Cowgirl" an tough, grooved riffing, which is almost lost in a dropped out verse but is brought back by a cymbal hissing chorus. "Firefight" has potential to be boring, until they decide to go all Cult seen through a modern "whoa" shout-along.

Don't forget that indie thing though; "Lithium Kiss" seems to be a bit Fraz Ferdinand but then loses it's nerve and goes the 80s icy goth lite thing. "Gift of the Gab" mixes the two well with a tight little backbone and spectral guitars, nondescript chorus though. "These Monsters" does this a lot, hear it and shrug. Then they come up with some dirty bass and a breezy stride to the next song, "Shapeshifter" is nothing special but chart fights dirty blues rock and that's always a good knockabout; the mix gorgeous meaty yet pin sharp, and when they go for it, moments of exhilaration are formed.

Adarna don't know what they want to be, but this dichotomy will stand them in good stead; this Jet City Rock is making stop-offs at lots of places; if it doesn't know where it's going, getting there will please enough people. They're going to be huge. In spite of seemingly railing against materialist and fame, this music is designed for it. Road to Resonance? Road to Relevance more like.

-Steve Swift, Power Play Magazine

And Now A Word From Mr. Lead Throat -- William

Well first first of all you're getting a jump on an early review that hasn't come out just yet, but we are pumped to see this all the same.   Despite the new feeling of being kissed & slapped after reading our review in Powerplay Magazine.   🙂 I think there's some fun, good, and honest opinions on our music, but I thought  I might speak on a couple of the points mentioned in this article because I wear the tightest pants in this family boyo.

  • Jet City Rock (apparently) "See that genre? That's what Seattle's The Adarna want. Doesn't sound like that though."
    • It's not hard to find us online and we've talked at lengths about why we call our genre Jet City Rock.   Rock is expressed in many forms, this is one of the main reasons that bands hate putting labels on themselves.  With that being said, we did put a label on ourselves.  Jet City Rock.  We are from Seattle, the south-side near Boeing Field and appropriately name "Jet City".  What does that sound like?  It doesn't sound like anything.  If we called our genre "Cap Hill Rock" or "Emerald City Rock" that wouldn't have a sound either.  It's a location.  Heck, rappers do it by calling out area codes in songs or styles.  All of us come from far corners of the US, but Seattle is where we met.    So our reviewer has a point of saying we didn't say "Grunge" or "Hard Rock" as our genre.  Rather we chose to focus on a location for you to decide what you hear as an audience.
  • "Adarna don't know what they want to be, but this dichotomy will stand them in good stead; this Jet City Rock is making stop-offs at lots of places; if it doesn't know where it's going, getting there will please enough people. They're going to be huge."
    • First of all, thanks for saying we're going to be huge.  That's awfully nice of you!  Second, this is our first LP.  It's not meant to be a get-to-the-point album as that's what our previous EP's were for.  It's meant for people to see various colors of The Adarna.   I think we can all appreciate a straightforward genre album just like the rest but....this is art and part of what makes Jet City Rock work is that it's a smorgasbord of styles.  It worked for the Beatles, Queen, and even 21 Pilots.  We can promise our listeners this, our goal will always be to write something new and not a copy of another track we did.   So buckle in, there's a huge array of rock sub-genres you'll be hearing for years.
  • "In spite of seemingly railing against materialism and fame this music is designed for it."
    • I'm guessing he's referencing "Do What the $$ Says " (DWT$S) and "#Famous".     I'm not a huge fan of spelling out what a song is specifically about, however, I'll say that "DWT$S" is taken from a story about a ninja stripper assassin...which is just a fun story.   #Famous was really just talking about how online fame and status can cause a divide.  For some people it brings us closer with someone we admire, for others it gives them some kind of grandiose delusion all based on a number of followers.   I freely admit, the songs are "designed" for listeners.   They're not written for ourselves and majority of the time we are simply story-tellers that empathize with the devils and angels that circle our lives.

In summary, this is a person's first take on the album without doing research on us as individuals or as a band.   So it's great to hear how we come across without seeing the full package of the band.

What did you guys think of the album?

Resonance Tour Summary

Here we are at the end of 9th Tour - Resonance Tour... it's always bitter sweet when we return home from tour.  There were a lot of great memories from the Resonance Tour from sharing a stage at Bratfest with Winger, a great CD Release show, camping out on beach in Boston, another great eventful year at Saikoucon, and a whole lotta BBQ!  The band had a blast getting to see familiar faces and make new friends.  Wendy held up like a champ and did a great job carting the band to the East Coast and back.  Touring is a hard job and often feels like an uphill battle but moments where we see our fans singing along to our songs really help validate the struggle to get there.

The whole tour was to support the release of our new album Road to Resonance, if you haven't checked it out, please do!  It helps keep us on the road 😀

Thank you for the love and support, we'll see you out there on the road!  -William, Andreka, Oliver, and Murdock


The Adarna - Resonance Tour (2018)

5/25 Pourhouse - Downtown Minneapolis, MN
5/26 Bratfest - Madison, WI
6/01 Orion's (Mickey's Pub) Yakima, WA
6/2  Infusion Bar - Snoqualmie, WA
6/19 Facebook Live Album Performance
6/30 Bubba's Roadhouse Sultan, WA
7/12 CD Release Show at Skylark - Seattle, WA
7/13  Flood Valley Brewery- Chehalis, WA
7/14 Wally's House of Booze, Wenatchee, WA
7/15 Zebra Cocktail Lounge, Bozeman, MT
7/18 Elbo Room - Chicago, IL
7/20 Firehouse Saloon -Rochester NY
7/21 The Hill Top - Danville, PA
7/22 33 Golden Street - New London, CT
7/24 WEMF Radio - In Studio - Boston MA
7/24 C-Note - Hull, MA
7/25 The Shrine - New York, NY
7/27-7/29 Saikoucon 2018 - Allentown, PA
8/1 Pumphouse - Wichita, KS
8/2 Lion's Lair - Denver, CO
8/3 Brewskis - Ogden, UT
8/4 High Note Cafe - Boise, ID
8/5 Cruisers - State Line Village, ID

Instagram Videos From Resonance Tour