The Adarna join Ian Hoglund and Sean Weiland from the Beery Traveler as one of their musical guests via Zoom.  William, Andreka, Oliver, and Murdock sample some beers and cocktails, share some stories, talk shop, and a tune from their upcoming album (new album you say?!?)  So crack a beer and check out this video of The Adarna's interview.   Learn about where the "Jet City Rock" term comes from, hear how The Adarna are handling COVID-19, and hear about The Adarna's Hinder Tour. #GinGetsYouBackIn

Apologies on the sound being off but we wish y'all the best all the same!  To see the original Facebook live footage, click here.

While in quarantine for the COVID-19 virus, the creative juices keep flowing.  It's hard when the whole band isn't able to regularly get together so in the meantime, William teams up with Furniture Girls lead singer, stayC Meyer for their Retrowave cover of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time."     Enjoy the playlist of a number of different covers by various members of the band.

No better time than when you're quarantined because of COVID-19 to work on your karaoke!  *Cue The Adarna to the rescue*   Below is your lyric sheet, go get 'em tiger!

Love & Lust lyrics

Written by: William Perry Moore, Andreka Jasek, Jeremiah Hazel, and Murdock
Lyrics by: William Perry Moore
Album: How Perceptive (2015)

Waiting for the second time crossed that line.
Strangers in the dark, I thought I heard you cry.
“Things I’d do to you... things you’d do to me”
Getting closer to you waiting with this key.  Kept me waiting
Waiting with this key.
You kept me waiting, delusions it may seem.

It’s a war between love & lust.  I lose it every day
It’s a war between my heart and those that abuse and confuse me along the way

Hot and cold from these lies we molded,
to a stage where we’ve unfolded.
Price to pay to obtain a distant dream,
I'm getting closer to you getting closer to me.
“Hold on, hold onto me.” x 2

It’s a war between love & lust.  I lose it every day
It’s a war between my heart and those that abuse and confuse me along the way
Don’t keep me waiting. x 2

You Be different with me x4

It’s a war between love & lust.  I lose it every day
It’s a war between my heart and those that abuse and confuse me along the way
Don’t keep me waiting. x 2

Q:  Where was this filmed?

WILLIAM:  In the busiest, most hellish part of Seattle....right off the Mercer exit off the I-5.  Always crazy traffic there, however, there were some fun building we wanted to film near.

Q:  Besides a karaoke video, did you ever release an Official Music Video for this?

WILLIAM:  Unfortunately, no.  We wanted to, but you never know... 🙂

Q:   Will there be other karaoke videos released?

WILLIAM:  Currently we have a number of videos we've released.  You can see more of them here.  We get so jacked when we see our fans singing along so we're down to keep making videos!

"Goonies never say die!"  (Did I just date myself there?)  The Adarna, just like everyone else, has been seeing the effects of the Corona virus affecting friends, jobs, and business owners.  We want y'all to be safe and empathetic to everyone out there!  The Adarna was forced to cancel a show on 3/14/20 but they decided to do a live Facebook broadcast of them performing some songs for their fans who missed the show as well as others who might be jonesing for some Jet City Rock! For people who couldn't see the video on Facebook, we're uploading it here for you to enjoy!   So buckle in, share the video, and support The Adarna from this Facebook Live Feed.  (Click on the Facebook Live Feed directly if you want to see comments in real-time.)

Facebook Live Feed @theadarna

Facebook Live Streaming of The Adarna Set...#HappyHour #TheAdarna #AdarnaLive #JetCityRock

Posted by The Adarna on Saturday, March 14, 2020

YouTube @theadarnaofficial

 Okay what's in the heck we're you thinking with this music video?

What an excellent and poignant question!  Well this is The Adarna's 6th music video.  We're always trying to push ourselves with ways to visually tell the song's story in a different way.  We also knew we wanted Drugstore Cowgirl to highlight the humor of the band.    That's something we haven't done yet.  Though we talk about serious subjects often in our music, if you ever get a chance to meet us as individuals, we're some pretty goofy people.

Who did you work with for this music video?

We worked with Tetraknot (formerly Avast).  This is our 5th music video with them and we really love how they can play off of images we see easily.

Can you briefly explain what's going on in this video?

Sure!  Living in Seattle, we see the rise of many conglomerates.  Who now-a-days doesn't order everything from Uber, Amazon, or even Starbucks?   In this video, the major company Drugstore Cowgirl Industries (#DCI) controls everything in the media.  We wanted to play the idea of an icon that DCI would market around to be a cowboy character, played by our own Oliver SpencerWilliam plays the DCI spokes person.  Murdock plays the DCI delivery person and Andreka plays the pharmacist for DCI.  Plus there's a host of cameos from musicians and friends in the local scene!    We're stoked to share it with you!

To see more photos be sure to check out our Tour Section

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The Adarna - Murdock Meeting the Base Commander - Project Gratitude TourThe Adarna Performing in the Middle East 2015

The Adarna at The Skylark The Adarna with StayC Meyer at The Skylark The Adarna Anime Convention

Andreka meeting Marky Romone at ComicpaloozaWilliam Perry Moore and Murdock from The Adarna Murdock from The Adarna Murdock from The Adarna Andreka Jasek from The Adarna Oliver Spencer from The Adarna Murdock from The Adarna Oliver Spencer from The Adarna William Perry Moore from The Adarna William Perry Moore and Oliver Spencer from The Adarna The Adarna The Adarna The Adarna in Marion IL William Perry Moore from The Adarna Andreka Jasek from The Adarna Oliver Spencer from The Adarna The Adarna in PA with fans from Saikoucon The Adarna in Pennsylvania The Adarna in Portland Maine Soundcheck The Adarna in Portland Maine Soundcheck Andreka Jasek from The Adarna Performing at Comicpalooza 2015 - TX The Adarna with Echo Eyes Cherie Klauser - Publicist William and Andreka from The Adarna with Heather Lee of The Click Saikoucon 2015 The Adarna with Deb The Adarna in the town of Sleepy Hollow in CT 2015 William Perry Moore in the Recording Studio - Stamford CT 2015

William Perry Moore from The Adarna meeting a Camel in Bahrain The Adarna's Wendy Broken Down in Payson The Adarna performing at Blackrock High School The Adarna Performing at Rocklahoma Murdock from The Adarna Performing at Rocklahoma Murdock from The Adarna Performing at Rocklahoma Oliver Spencer from The Adarna Performing in Salt Lake CIty UT The Adarna Performing at the Caps Club Murdock from The Adarna Andreka Jasek from The Adarna Oliver Spencer from The Adarna William Perry Moore from The Adarna The Adarna in Sturgis The Adarna exploring in Rochester NY The Adarna exploring tunnels in Rochester NY The Adarna at Saikoucon The Adarna at Saikoucon The Adarna at The High Dive Seattle The Adarna at The High Dive Seattle William Perry Moore and Andreka Jasek from The Adarna William Perry Moore and Oliver Spencer from The Adarna William Perry Moore - The Adarna William Perry Moore - The Adarna - High DIve Seattle The Adarna at Saikoucon William from The Adarna - Seattle Marathon The Adarna performing at Boeing 100th Anniversary - William Spinning a Princess Oliver Spencer from The Adarna performing at ROCK OUT ALS The Adarna at Saikoucon Murdock from The Adarna - Boeing 100th Anniversary The Adarna Merch Tshirt Murdock from The Adarna teaching a Drum Panel - Saikoucon The Adarna at Saikoucon The Adarna at SaikouconThe Adarna at the Tree of Life - Bahrain The Adarna meet and Greet

The Adarna are stoked to announce that we'll be returning back to Bratfest 2020 in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday Aug 29th playing the main stage at 1PM!   Their 2018 performance was a great accomplishment for the band as part of their Road to Resonance Tour.

This past 2019, as part of their Lucky 7 Tour with Hinder, The Adarna appeared at the Music Fights Back Festival also in Madison WI.  It's starting to become an annual traditional to visit the land of the squeaky cheese!  You can learn all about this Free Festival and other acts joining The Adarna at     The night before The Adarna will be also performing in Minneapolis MN at The Pourhouse on Friday August 28th.   Be sure to keep an eye out for other dates in your area.  BONUS TIP!  You can subscribe to The Adarna's show feed in the tour section and be alerted when they come to your area.

The Adarna Bratfest 2018 The Adarna Bratfest 2018

While on a tour stop in Belvidere, IL (a little outside of Chicago) the Digital Tour Bus caught up with The Adarna and got a walkthrough of Wendy as part of their Bus Invaders Episode.  Wendy is the very embodiment of the band's DIY-Never-Say-Die attitude.  So step in and have a watch as Murdock from The Adarna gives you the 411 with his thoughts behind the build and what it took for us to have a touring machine that has now crossed from coast-to-coast 4 times.

Interested in watching some of the process?  You can watch The Adarna build Wendy on this channel.

YouTube Playlist:

It was September 2019 and a great deal of silliness was about to befell.  The Adarna had gathered with Tetraknot to set out in making their 5th video with this production company.    The Adarna embarked on taking a completely new direction for their song, Drugstore Cowgirl.   Making this their 2nd music video off of the Road to Resonance album.

And now, a word from Chief tight pants and master of high kicks himself, William:

Q:  What's different about this music video versus other videos?
W:   This will be solely a storyline video (versus a performance video).  On top of that, I wanted to highlight some of our ideas and humor.  Yes, we do play in a serious rock band that talks about serious ideas and issues.  However, if you follow us online you might already have a sense of this, we are downright silly individuals.  Musicians don't always have to be moody people 🙂  This was also a great opportunity to involve some of our fans, friends, and other musicians to be part of our music videos.   Likely, this will set a new trend with how we make future music videos.

Q:  What was the reason you chose not to perform in the video?
We've already done that with our past music videos, we thought we'd try something new.

Q: Wasn't there some kind of music video you guys were filming on the East Coast?
W:  Yes originally, but it wasn't a good fit for us.  I think it's important to stay true to your band's art and the ideas behind it which is why we felt we owed our fans this next video.

Q: What's it like filming a music video?
There's a lot of "hurry up and wait."  You need to have shots planned out but more importantly, you need to have time for creative on-the-fly ideas to happen.   It does help that Oliver and I  have film experience so we know what shots we're trying to capture, but it's a reciprocal process with the production team.  We're very fortunate working with Tetraknot.  Since the beginning, they've been able to take our ideas, talk them out, provide options and make them come to fruition.

Q:  Since the MTV generation is passe, is there a point for making music videos?
W:  You shut your beautiful mouth!  Yes, there's still a point to making videos.  Most of us are visual creatures!  This offers us another medium to talk about an idea.  Whether or not the video goes onto some video network, this is just another way to tell a story.

Q:  Should we expect some kind of outtake reel then?
W:  I think that's safe to say.

Q:  There seems to be a reoccurring character in your music videos so far.  Is there a reason for this?
W:  ...I don't know what you're talking about.

Q:  Wait, what?
W:  Wuuuuut?

The Peanut Gallery

The Adarna with Kathi on Tour

Hey Guys!  It's William here.  Now that the Lucky 7 Tour is complete we can all stretch out and relax a little bit.  Sure, we're feeling a bit antsy after getting back but these past 5 weeks have been a whirlwind for the band and I wanted to share some of my post-tour thoughts with you guys.  Though this was our 10th National tour, we've never shared a tour with another band before, so this was a real treat for us to see how Hinder,.  Saving Abel, and American Sin operated.  Overall we had a blast, it was exhausting and there was a lot of driving but it was so worth it.   We made so many new fans, friends, and spread the word of The Adarna!

Kathi's Birthday Cake

The 2019 tour kicked off May 23d from Seattle playing shows along the way to meet up with the bands in Marion IL one week later on the 30th.  Right away we could see this was going to be a great experience.  Not only was it our merch lady's birthday, Kathi, but she was presented with a cake from the staff on the first show!  On top of that, the show was awesome!  We played well and got along just fine with all the bands.  Of course, there were challenges every day from super long drives, equipment failures, our tour bus (Wendy) acting moody, to constantly feeling grossed out from sweating from days of touring in the summer.   But it was great!

I want to take a moment and focus on talking about Hinder.  Saving Abel, and American Sin were great guys to tour with and a lot of fun to hang out with.  However, we spent the longest time with Hinder so we ended up getting close with them and their crew.

THOUGHTS ON HINDER:   On behalf of The Adarna, we are nothing but floored by how professional,  fun, and talented these guys are.   Cody, Rex, Blower, Mark, and Marshal are just great dudes all around!

They surrounded themselves with a great crew who are taleThe Adarna with Hinder and Saving Abel in Greer SCnted musicians themselves and have been part of their Hinder family for some time.   Getting to meet their crew Jimmy, Sam, Shipley, and Cody (Poop) was like an extension of getting to really know how this band has been working for so long.  They were kind and gracious to their fans which says a lot about a band.     But the number one thing I was most impressed by is that they STILL love playing music after all this time.   They were having a great time on stage and it didn't matter if we were playing to a sold-out crowd or an intimate crowd.    This was a great learning experience for us.

I like to think that we uphold those very ideals that support our music that I find myself gushing over Hinder about.  The distinctive difference is TIME.  They've been doing this for so long and they still love it.  I don't know how often we meet bands who just don't share with us what they love about their art.  That's probably the biggest let-down about meeting musicians we respect along the way.   Some of them just forget the basics because of all the grinding and politics that come along with touring.  They forget to show us what they love.

What are the next steps?  Well, The Adarna will continue touring everywhere we can and sharing our music.  We will modify some of our marketing and we probably owe you some new songs so we'll spend some time writing before then.

I'll leave you with this,  this is a video that speaks louder than anything I could say from our last performance with Hinder, where they asked American Sin and The Adarna to join them on stage.


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