Hey to everyone!  William here, we haven't checked in for a while but I thought I'd give you the 411 with us.    The Adarna is out playing shows in Washington and Oregon.  Check the website for updates.   Wanted to make an announcement about The Adarna headlining the upcoming Freedom Fest hosted by Harley-Davidson in Tacoma on Saturday 9/11/21.   This is a free event going from 12-4pm.   The Adarna headlines at 3pm!  Should be a great time to show your support, check out the other bands, beer garden, food trucks, and all the Harleys!     [Facebook Event Page]


In preparation for all the gigs The Adarna are doing, we decided to give Wendy a new floor overhaul.  With plans for The Adarna doing another national tour in 2022, we wanted to get rid of that carpet in Wendy.  It seemed like every time we cleaned the floor and turned around, she was trapping more dirt everywhere.  With that in mind, we yanked out all of the chairs and benches and put down a layer of Dynamat.   The goal of this was to help quiet up the cabin as well as reduce the heat coming through the floor.  One issue we've been noticing is that the floor gets very warm, especially in the summer while we're driving.   After that, some awesome-looking vinyl floors were put in.   Check out the video!




We wanted to share this fun video from Digital Tour Bus when they caught up with The Adarna while on tour and posed the question... If you could tour with anyone (alive or dead) on a DREAM TOUR! Who would it be with? Murdock and William step up to answer this might question!   Who would you want to tour with??  Interested in seeing more interviews for The Adarna? Click here.


The Adarna Dream Tours

Hey everyone!  William Perry Moore from The Adarna here.  We'd like to take the time to thank everyone for supporting us!  We're in the creating music game for the long haul so don't you worry, we're not going anywhere and we'll make it through this COVID-steppin-on-my-touring-game slump!  I know 2020 has been a pretty rockin' punch in the nuts for everyone.  This really did test everyone but we can see some interesting changes on the horizon.  On the positive, people can get more things delivered now!  It's been a great time to learn new skills that you might not have had time to invest in, and I can foresee a new breed of music venues emerging.  But let's leave psychic rants to when we are mano y mano with a shot of bourbon.

As for us, what's next?  Well, I can tell you that The Adarna was designed to be a touring band and we will resume touring when businesses begin to ramp up again.    The downside is that since we're not touring, we're not makin' that (Roberto) Dinero which allows us to stay on the road.   So in the meantime, we've decided to continue tracking and writing with new demos to be released in the coming New Year.  We look forward to hearing what you guys think!  You can always help us out by sharing our music, or checking out the merch page, or donating to the band.

We miss playing massive shows and partying with all of you!  We want you to stay safe and hug your loved ones!  We'll get to hang out again (or for the first time) again soon.   From all of us, you have a  Happy New Year!

-William, Andreka, Oliver, and Murdock

On The Adarna's Lucky 7 Tour, Digital Tour Bus caught up with The Adarna in Belvidere Illinois before their show at the Apollo Theatre with Hinder.   The Adarna gave DTB a first-hand walkthrough of our tour bus, Wendy, you can see it here.  After that, we got talking about pre-show rituals.  Rituals!? As in burning incense, lighting candles, and sacrificing frogs?  Well, yes, of course, that...  but on the tamer side of things, William Perry Moore and Murdock go through a few of their daily rituals to prepare themselves for a Jet City Rock performance.   As much as we'd all like to jump into badass performances right away, it can take some time to get oneself focused on the Art of Face Melting.   Check out the video below!

Do Andreka and Oliver also have rituals?   They sure do!

Andreka:  I like to chew gum and sharpen my guitar picks on the carpet.  Bruuutal!

Oliver:  Calisthenics, stretching, cough drums, humming over some scales.  I mentally go over the harder parts of the songs Bass notes followed by telling irreverent jokes to burn away any nervousness.   Then, I focus on all the thoughts about not looking or sounding foolish -- then forget them.   Double Bruuutal!

What kind of pre-show rituals have you heard of?  Share with us in the comments below!  Thanks for always supporting us and stay safe out there!

The Adarna in Pennsylvania

CLane C Lane: This week I’m pumped to introduce Bellevue Neighbors to another Seattle-area band – The Adarna. Four artists whose individual histories couldn’t be more different, but who’ve managed to find each other in the massive venue that is the Seattle rock music scene. The Adarna name comes from a 16th-century Filipino (Tagalog) poem that tells the story of this mythical songbird -- Ibong Adarna – and its ability to heal or harm using one of the seven songs it sings before casting off to sleep with its eyes wide open!

The Adarna’s (band) fiery, dynamic, and high-energy sound comes from a concoction of influences from old school rock-n-roll such as The Cult and Guns N Roses to modern rock such as Foo Fighters, Sick Puppies, Queens of the Stone Age, and Muse.

I first heard The Adarna at a local venue in what I’d call a “happy accident.” There to see another band, Blue Helix, I hung around after the BH set to talk to the band. When The Adarna launched into their first song, I had to excuse myself from the discussion with BH and head back into the venue. I’ve been a fan ever since. Getting a chance to see The Adarna locally is, COVID-19 restrictions aside, a difficult task due to their relentless tour schedule. But as soon as we return to normal, whatever that might look like, find them and we’ll make a party! Let’s meet the band:

William Perry Moore is a founding member, lead “Vocal Viking” and Rhythm Guitar. He’s a military brat (of Filipino-Irish decent – the ultimate “lover and fighter”) who claims no hometown, and you’d be hard-pressed to find WPM wearing sleeves! He counts among the 10 albums that changed his life two of my favorites – the Top Gun Soundtrack, and Bee Gees Greatest Hits.

Andreka Jasek, Lead Guitar, is a founding member of the band and 1st generation Polish-American. Though born in Florida, she moved to Seattle at an early age and mastered her craft in several bands before The Adarna. When not pounding out the licks on her Gibson SG electric, you might find Andreka speed-skating, modeling, riding motorcycles or chillin’ with her cats, Radar & Lyric.

Oliver Spencer, the only true Seattle native in the group, Bass Guitar. Oliver was performing with several Seattle-area bands while moonlighting as an actor. You may have seen him in Battlestar Galactica, Hot Rod, and the Watchmen! His introduction to The Adarna came when he answered Craigslist add to play an extra in The Adarna music video for their hit Sugar. Oliver’s list of 10 albums that changed his life includes several from mega-bands Foo Fighters, Korn, Guns N Roses, and Rage Against the Machine. It’s pretty clear that Oliver is a fan of driving bass rhythms!

Murdock, Drums and Percussion. Okay, why are the drummers always the last member of the group introduced? [Hey, if you go around with only one name you risk falling to the end of the list!] Murdock also found his way to The Adarna via Craigslist and is a founding member of the band. Hailing from Rochester, NY, Murdock spent a lot of time running sound boards in New York venues for a very impressive list of artists. Who hasn’t heard of Muse, Joan Jett, The Donnas, Average White Band, Kansas, Dickey Betts, 10,000 Maniacs? Holy cow!

Bellevue Neighbors sat down with The Adarna recently to know them better, man!

Bellevue Neighbors: Most people hear "Seattle-area band" and think they're going to hear a steady diet of grunge-influenced tracks. Not so of The Adarna. How would you describe how 'Jet City Rock" is different?

William Perry Moore: “Jet City Rock is a way of us tipping our hats to our musical heroes of Seattle yet separating ourselves. Musically we have so many influences that we draw from across the board since all of the members listen to everything from jazz, metal, industrial, hard rock, soft rock, pop, and all sorts of fusion. By carving out our genre we don't have to tied down by one specific genre. As performers, Jet City Rock means our music needs to look like it sounds. If a song sounds like a turbine engine about to explode, our bodies should match that energy.”

BN: Which cuts out of The Adarna's typical set list would say give the readers a strong sense of the band and what you're about?

WPM: “Personally, I would say a typical set-list evolves with the crowd. We'll call audibles on the fly if we sense that a crowd is responding better to more aggressive/funkier/sensitive songs. We have a lot of original material to draw from which gives us the freedom to change on the fly. But in a live show, we normally have an understanding of the crowd by the 3rd song. After all, you can't be on a 10 the whole time. Sometimes we have to be still to really keep an audience with us.”

BN: Oliver is the only true "native" Seattle-ite in the group. Is there a high-powered magnet in the Puget Sound we're unaware of that attracts such great talent to the area?

WPM: Andreka has been pretty much here her whole life. Murdock and I have been here over a decade so that counts right? I can't speak for all people, but I will tell you the charm that attracted me -- I like how people here take their vices seriously. Tattoos, yoga, music, beer, motorcycles, sports, etc. whatever it is. In Seattle, I recognize a passion the people here have. When I was in LA there was a lot of talking about what someone was doing but not a whole lot of doing. It's infectious to be around do-ers.

BN: Your hit Superman has been widely heralded and found a strong fan following among comic and anime crowd. Did you know it was special when you wrote/recorded it, or have the accolades surprised you?

WPM: “Honestly, I don't think we realized it was special at first. I was worried it was too gushy. A cry to want to be someone's hero! It wasn't until we noticed people knew our words and could follow us after the first listen that we realized we had something special.”

BN: As a follow-up, we first heard Superman performed live at a local show -- where the imagery the song evoked was different than what we see in the official music video. Do you view the different "visual renderings" as a strength or weakness in our post-MTV world today?

WPM: “What an excellent observation! Honestly, it's art. There are no wrong answers and the fact that you see a difference from what you hear is wonderful! I'd be curious to hear what you thought the song was about.”

BN: We all look to the future and bands with full tour date calendars again. How has the band been using your time during the pandemic, and will we see any music influenced by the event?

WPM: “Right now we're tracking a new album, revamping my studio, and putting in some much-needed love to our tour vehicle -- Wendy. This has also been a great time for us to learn new skills individually. We've been doing select performances here and there on social media but honestly, there's so much noise out there right now. We've been non-stop touring and pushing for the last 8 years and this pandemic has been maddening for us as performers. Yet it's been rejuvenating for us to stop, lift-up our heads from the grind and be present with our loved ones. Do I smell yacht rock in the air?”

BN: If we invited the band over for a potluck BBQ, what side dish would each member bring?

BAND: “Whiskey, wine, and coconut pie!”

BN: Final question - Is Andreka as bummed as we are over the delayed release of Top Gun: Maverick?

AJ: "I'm bummed that it's been pushed back to December because I am so excited to see it!”

The Music – As you know by now, I find music as much a visual medium as it is auditory. Thank MTV for that, I guess. So I’m not a big fan of music reviews telling me what to like, so I won’t do that to you either. I will tell you that The Adarna’s music, each track, each album, really hold their own. The instrumentation really comes through and very quickly you learn there are no weak links in this group. I will say, though - this is a band worth supporting!

The Adarna on Facebook

The Adarna Music Library

Until then, keep the volume cranked to 11!


The Adarna join Ian Hoglund and Sean Weiland from the Beery Traveler as one of their musical guests via Zoom.  William, Andreka, Oliver, and Murdock sample some beers and cocktails, share some stories, talk shop, and a tune from their upcoming album (new album you say?!?)  So crack a beer and check out this video of The Adarna's interview.   Learn about where the "Jet City Rock" term comes from, hear how The Adarna are handling COVID-19, and hear about The Adarna's Hinder Tour. #GinGetsYouBackIn

Apologies on the sound being off but we wish y'all the best all the same!  To see the original Facebook live footage, click here.

While in quarantine for the COVID-19 virus, the creative juices keep flowing.  It's hard when the whole band isn't able to regularly get together so in the meantime, William teams up with Furniture Girls lead singer, stayC Meyer for their Retrowave cover of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time."     Enjoy the playlist of a number of different covers by various members of the band.

No better time than when you're quarantined because of COVID-19 to work on your karaoke!  *Cue The Adarna to the rescue*   Below is your lyric sheet, go get 'em tiger!

Love & Lust lyrics

Written by: William Perry Moore, Andreka Jasek, Jeremiah Hazel, and Murdock
Lyrics by: William Perry Moore
Album: How Perceptive (2015)

Waiting for the second time crossed that line.
Strangers in the dark, I thought I heard you cry.
“Things I’d do to you... things you’d do to me”
Getting closer to you waiting with this key.  Kept me waiting
Waiting with this key.
You kept me waiting, delusions it may seem.

It’s a war between love & lust.  I lose it every day
It’s a war between my heart and those that abuse and confuse me along the way

Hot and cold from these lies we molded,
to a stage where we’ve unfolded.
Price to pay to obtain a distant dream,
I'm getting closer to you getting closer to me.
“Hold on, hold onto me.” x 2

It’s a war between love & lust.  I lose it every day
It’s a war between my heart and those that abuse and confuse me along the way
Don’t keep me waiting. x 2

You Be different with me x4

It’s a war between love & lust.  I lose it every day
It’s a war between my heart and those that abuse and confuse me along the way
Don’t keep me waiting. x 2

Q:  Where was this filmed?

WILLIAM:  In the busiest, most hellish part of Seattle....right off the Mercer exit off the I-5.  Always crazy traffic there, however, there were some fun building we wanted to film near.

Q:  Besides a karaoke video, did you ever release an Official Music Video for this?

WILLIAM:  Unfortunately, no.  We wanted to, but you never know... 🙂

Q:   Will there be other karaoke videos released?

WILLIAM:  Currently we have a number of videos we've released.  You can see more of them here.  We get so jacked when we see our fans singing along so we're down to keep making videos!

"Goonies never say die!"  (Did I just date myself there?)  The Adarna, just like everyone else, has been seeing the effects of the Corona virus affecting friends, jobs, and business owners.  We want y'all to be safe and empathetic to everyone out there!  The Adarna was forced to cancel a show on 3/14/20 but they decided to do a live Facebook broadcast of them performing some songs for their fans who missed the show as well as others who might be jonesing for some Jet City Rock! For people who couldn't see the video on Facebook, we're uploading it here for you to enjoy!   So buckle in, share the video, and support The Adarna from this Facebook Live Feed.  (Click on the Facebook Live Feed directly if you want to see comments in real-time.)

Facebook Live Feed @theadarna

Facebook Live Streaming of The Adarna Set...#HappyHour #TheAdarna #AdarnaLive #JetCityRock

Posted by The Adarna on Saturday, March 14, 2020

YouTube @theadarnaofficial

 Okay what's in the heck we're you thinking with this music video?

What an excellent and poignant question!  Well this is The Adarna's 6th music video.  We're always trying to push ourselves with ways to visually tell the song's story in a different way.  We also knew we wanted Drugstore Cowgirl to highlight the humor of the band.    That's something we haven't done yet.  Though we talk about serious subjects often in our music, if you ever get a chance to meet us as individuals, we're some pretty goofy people.

Who did you work with for this music video?

We worked with Tetraknot (formerly Avast).  This is our 5th music video with them and we really love how they can play off of images we see easily.

Can you briefly explain what's going on in this video?

Sure!  Living in Seattle, we see the rise of many conglomerates.  Who now-a-days doesn't order everything from Uber, Amazon, or even Starbucks?   In this video, the major company Drugstore Cowgirl Industries (#DCI) controls everything in the media.  We wanted to play the idea of an icon that DCI would market around to be a cowboy character, played by our own Oliver SpencerWilliam plays the DCI spokes person.  Murdock plays the DCI delivery person and Andreka plays the pharmacist for DCI.  Plus there's a host of cameos from musicians and friends in the local scene!    We're stoked to share it with you!

To see more photos be sure to check out our Tour Section

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The Adarna - Murdock Meeting the Base Commander - Project Gratitude TourThe Adarna Performing in the Middle East 2015

The Adarna at The Skylark The Adarna with StayC Meyer at The Skylark The Adarna Anime Convention

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William Perry Moore from The Adarna meeting a Camel in Bahrain The Adarna's Wendy Broken Down in Payson The Adarna performing at Blackrock High School The Adarna Performing at Rocklahoma Murdock from The Adarna Performing at Rocklahoma Murdock from The Adarna Performing at Rocklahoma Oliver Spencer from The Adarna Performing in Salt Lake CIty UT The Adarna Performing at the Caps Club Murdock from The Adarna Andreka Jasek from The Adarna Oliver Spencer from The Adarna William Perry Moore from The Adarna The Adarna in Sturgis The Adarna exploring in Rochester NY The Adarna exploring tunnels in Rochester NY The Adarna at Saikoucon The Adarna at Saikoucon The Adarna at The High Dive Seattle The Adarna at The High Dive Seattle William Perry Moore and Andreka Jasek from The Adarna William Perry Moore and Oliver Spencer from The Adarna William Perry Moore - The Adarna William Perry Moore - The Adarna - High DIve Seattle The Adarna at Saikoucon William from The Adarna - Seattle Marathon The Adarna performing at Boeing 100th Anniversary - William Spinning a Princess Oliver Spencer from The Adarna performing at ROCK OUT ALS The Adarna at Saikoucon Murdock from The Adarna - Boeing 100th Anniversary The Adarna Merch Tshirt Murdock from The Adarna teaching a Drum Panel - Saikoucon The Adarna at Saikoucon The Adarna at SaikouconThe Adarna at the Tree of Life - Bahrain The Adarna meet and Greet

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