CASTING CALL! A Music Video About Finding Strength To Carry On

Homage to Your Lost Loved Ones: 
A Music Video About Finding Strength To Carry On

The Adarna  is filming a music video from their latest EP titled “Smell of Gasoline.” 

It is entitled Smell of Gasoline because just like how if you get a bit of gasoline on you, the smell stays with you everywhere you go. This is written as a metaphor for how loss affects you and follows you everywhere. We feel this video can help immortalize the love you have for that person and acknowledge your own strength to carry on. 

Please listen to the song here to see if you’re interested in being involved:

What is being asked:

-Sharing some video clips of your favorite moments with your loved one (preferable)
-A digital photograph of them

We may ask:
-A possible interview on the camera of you talking to us about how you found the strength to carry on and honor their lives.

What do I do first?
Send an email to us at musicvideo (at) theadarna (dot) com including the information below. We will then notify you instruction on how to send footage to us.

Your Information=====================================================
City You Live:
Contact Number:
What helped you find the strength to cope with your loss?

Your Loved One’s Information===========================================
How were they related to you?