Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I book The Adarna for a show, convention, festival, or interview?
Click here

How can I speak with the band directly?
They're very good at staying in touch on social media.  There are links below.

I'd like to use a song of yours for a video, game, or background music.  Who do I talk to?
Management - Click here

How can I help The Adarna?

Request The Adarna at your Radio Station

1) Call or email your local DJ to request The Adarna to be on your local station.

2) Let us know the name of that radio station. We are more than happy to submit music for airplay.

Penpal System!

This is our first Demo, "The Smell of Gasoline." If you think you know somebody who would dig our music, share it with them! Share this song with 5 people and ask them to do the same, that way we can get the word out! Support us online!

Donate! Making art can be very costly, but we love doing it. Every dollar helps!

Scroll to the bottom of this page to be able to donate 🙂