How Perceptive CD Review w/ Seattle Sound Live

The Adarna Album Review: How Perceptive


It’s always nice to find a band that stays true to their sound. A band that no matter the change of the music landscape, they will play rock with that enjoyable attitude that seems harder to find these days. The Adarna’s new album, ‘How Perceptive‘, is the quintessential rock anthem album which masterfully blends together rock, metal and mainstream.

FullSizeRender-14The album starts out with the anthem like song “Echo.” The song begins with a heavy delay on the guitar which leads right into the verse. The structure of the song is very distinct in that the chorus only comes around toward the end of the song. With an unusual song arrangement, it still manages to hypnotize the listener with this subtle, yet infectious, chorus. You know what this
record needs? It needs more Cowbell. Thank goodness for “Sugar” which is a track that prominently features one of my all time favorite instruments. This song has the perfect amount of gritty rock elements laced throughout the entire song to appeal to a very broad audience.

The following song, “Superman” shows the variety of genres this band is able to cross. The Adarna frontman William Moore has a vocal range that allows the band to have limitless possibilities on what direction to take any song. “Superman” continues this anthem like explosion which carries throughout the entire album. The next song “She wants Chemical” shows how heavy the band could take their music. Moore balances a low tone throughout the verses then seems to explode into a higher range in the chorus which intensifies as the song soars into a climactic metal stratosphere. The album ends with a beautiful acoustic version of “Superman.” The acoustic version combines guitar with the alluring and delicate sound of a string quartet which really enhances the mood of the song into a passionate yet ethereal setting.

The Adarna have been around for several years but seem to have finally mastered a rock sound that will take this band beyond the northwest scene. Their new album, ‘How Perceptive‘, which uses a Phoenix as the main symbol of the album exemplifies the bands persona perfectly. They are a band that can lay to rest the voices behind “Rock is Dead”. The Adarna can bring rock out of the ashes, reborn like the phoenix and back into the mainstream… Essentially back to where it belongs.

‘How Perspective” is available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Hard copies available here:

Ruben Lira, Seattle Sound Live