How Perceptive Tour, SaikouCon, and Recording After-math

What a great tour!  The How Perceptive Tour went beautifully!  The band had a few road bumps along the way but we plowed through it and we couldn’t be happier.  One of the highlights of the tour was performing for our 2nd time at our favorite con, SaikouCon.   Check out some of the footage below!

 Click to Watch The Adarna perform Honestly at Saikoucon 2015
Click here to watch
We’re currently working on a new album right in Stamford, CT.  The new record will be exclusively available for the US troops when we go overseas to for the holidays.  Check out some of the photos from the How Perceptive Tour in the meantime! 😀
Performing at Comicpalooza in Houston, TX
The Adarna performing at Comicpalooza in Houston, TX
The Adarna in Houston, TX
The Adarna at Comicpalooza 2015
The Adarna in Houston, TX
Andrea from The Adarna with Marky Ramone
Andrea Jasek of The Adarna performing at Comicpalooza in Houston, TX
Front page of  the Herald Journal!
Getting ready to go onto Park City TV
Grabbing some BBQ while in Salt Lake City, UT
William and Andrea from The Adarna on The Click 98.9 with Heather
Andrea on air with 98.9 The Click
The Adarna with the host of Park City TV, Terry Burden
On set for PCTV
Performing in Sultan, WA
Sampling some local cuisine in Houston, TX
First stage dive!
Murdock in Logan, UT
Andrea Jasek of The Adarna in Logan, UT

Soundcheck at WhySound
HD is craaaazy
The Adarna at WhySound in Logan UT


William helping a friend get a good stretch
The Adarna with Cherie of Echo Eyes in Union, OR
Signing and Smiling 🙂
William (The Adarna), Stacey (Furniture Girls), and Robin Fairbanks at SMI Anniversary Party
Getting some fly ‘dos while in SLC
Post show in Nampa, ID
Post Show in SLC
William talking about Saikoucon 2015
The Adarna in Bloomsburg, PA
William, Josh, and Andrea.  Oh boy!
Cheers, Murdock.
The Adarna at their Meet and Greet Panel at SaikouCon 2015
VIP Meet and Greet at Saikoucon
Grabbin’ some photos after our interview with We Rise Magazine
Grabbin’ some dinner with one of our favorite people, Deb Meade of SaikouCon
Party at SaikouCon!
Saikoucon 2015!
Turn up that cowbell!
Meet and Greet after Show
The Adarna’s: How To Start a Band Panel at SaikouCon
The Adarna with Deb 🙂
William horsing around with family members
Amazing!  Cheyenne made an exact replica of William’s guitar!
The Back.
William at the Merch booth at SaikouCon
Epic pictures!

The Adarna at SaikouCon
William’s panel: Rockstar Karaoke at SaikouCon 2015
William’s panel: Rockstar Karaoke at SaikouCon 2015 
Epic pictures! So many muscles
Murdock signing Cheyenne’s guitar at SaikouCon
Love this guy!  William and Murdock with Sean
Moore boys!

William listening back to his recorded parts
The Adarna laying siege in Fife, WA

Mandatory band stop:  Sleepy Hallow

Post Recording photo with Greg Tobler in Stamford, CT
Oliver “O-Town” Spencer laying down some bass bombs
The Adarna at the Gibson Showroom in NYC
In the recording studio.  Andrea pauses to grab a photo with Greg Tobler’s Emmy
Hanging with John and Kate, some of our favorite people, in Kingston NY
In case you were wondering…

Front page of the entertainment section in the Danville News 🙂
On Park City TV in Park City, UT
Front cover of Cache Magazine!  Woohoo!
Cute showoff
William getting some notes squeezed out in Logan, UT
William found his first band’s logo in Nampa, ID
With our epic hosts in SLC
Getting some nomz in Bloomsburg, PA
VIP Meet and Greet

The Adarna’s How to Start a Band Panel at SaikouCon
William dishing out hugs

At SeaTac Airport heading to NYC

Tour Video for How Perceptive
Some of the tour dates
On the road!

The Adarna at Comicpalooza 2015                                      

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