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Interview with THE ADARNA

The Adarna

The Adarna members include: William Moore (Vocal Viking, Axe Wielder) Andrea Jasek (Lead Axe Ninja, Vocal Pirate) Jeremiah Hazel (Bass Bomber, Vocal Pirate) Murdock (Drum Blaster, Doom-hammer Mage), and Shana Fairchild (Support Battalion)
The band The Adarna was founded in 2011, can you tell me more about your band’s progression and history?
The band was formed in 2011 by myself (Will) and Andrea after our previous band, Veritas, came to a close. We knew what we wanted to see changed and we had a new direction in mind for our music and management. We wanted rock music and we needed to make a touring team that could handle it. When we brought Jeremiah and Murdock into the fold the vision really started to take shape and The Adarna was born. 3 ½ years later, as an unsigned independent artist we’ve completed 4 North American Tours, averaging 80-120 performances a year, 200+ radio stations, with music videos playing in over 78 countries and we’re just getting started.
Your recent “Rise Up Tour” was very successful. The Adarna played some very interesting venues including SaikouCon. Tell us how that all came together?
It was really more of a therapeutic tour. We made a list of cities along the way we really wanted to hit because we had followings, friends, and family in the area so we designed a 2 month national tour around a route we chose. Of course, we made mandatory BBQ stops!  
Tell us about being on the road on for an extended tour and let’s talk about expenses of going on tour like you have?
For a tour that long, not many people can do that, being around the same people 24/7 for 2 months can drive people insane but, we formed this band to be a touring band. On top of that, there’s basic needs to survive and maintain your equipment and sanity. The biggest expense is not financially but in energy. The tour covered our costs but we were stacked with sometimes 2 shows a day 6 days a week. Which means you have to be a master at finding moments to rest and recuperate.
Where did the term “Jet City Rock” come from?
Jet City is a nickname for Seattle that came from all the planes Boeing was making. We use the term as a nod to our hometown of Seattle but also to separate ourselves from more traditional styles coming out of Seattle like grunge, metal, and indie. We formed a new sound that doesn’t hide behind technology like backing tracks or pitch correction so we gave it a new name: Jet City Rock.  
What makes you different?
To add to above, The Adarna is high energy and interactive. We want the crowd to feel what we feel what we feel and interact with us. This is part of our show. So, no shoegazing here. :)
Can you tell me about your local scene.
In my opinion, Seattle is the BEST place in this country to play music at. Everybody has at least 1 member in their band that is mind-blowing. I love bands here! It’s a community that we adore and we are proud to be part of it.     
What does The Adarna’s future look like?
New record to come out early 2015 with plans to tour in Europe. You can get a sample of our singles “Superman” and “Sugar” for the record online. I think the best part is that it’s all in our own hands.
Anything else you would like to add?
We wouldn’t be able to make this happen if it wasn’t for the support of our fans and like-minded individuals we’ve found on the way, like Polly! We are very grateful for all your support! Now get yourself to a show ASAP!   
I’d like to add that this IS Seattle’s premier rock band. Their shows are most definitely high energy and interactive. If you haven’t seen The Adarna live yet, I highly recommend you take Will’s advice and get to a live show. I promise you will not be disappointed and will find your body with that familiar happy buzz you get when you know you’ve seen and heard something truly special. ~PO Honey   
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