Producing, Editing, and Interviewing

Hey gang,

Apologies on the lack of blogs. Lots of cool things on the horizon for The Adarna.  We took the time over the holidays to really hone in on some specific things such as:

1) Stuffing our faces with food.  Then seeing family.  Crying about gaining weight because of stuffing our faces.  Taking solace with our instruments because they will love us for who we are.
2) Prepping to cut more tracks.  Pre-production and digging in deep to our songs.
3) Prepping for shooting our 2nd music video, for “Smell of Gasoline.”
4) Workin’ them interviewin’ skills.

Most of this will be covered by Episode 3 & 4 in our vlog’s which will be coming out this week but I thought we could share some of this ahead of time.

Pre-Production.  ——————————————-

Wikipedia does a fine job summing it up, but let’s talk about it.  So you and your band write a great song that you really love and now you’d like to record it.  For those of you who have recorded in a recording studio before, you know that there are two factors which you can control:  Time and Money (and you’re short on both).  Pre-production allows you to rip a song apart, cut the fat, ask the hard questions, then reassemble version 2.0 of song X before being in the recording studio.  This process should be vetted by the band the best it possibly can, then by an outside trusted person.  In most cases, this will a producer.

The producer set to tackle our challenge is Len Hotrum.  Talented rocker and lead singer for The Crying Spell.  Len’s job is to help us be objective and find the core of a song (the hook) and rock that hook till you can’t get the song out of your head.

Do you have to hire a producer?  Not at all.  But it’s hard for a group of people to be objective.  That’s why we bring in trusted consultants to help. 

We go into more details on Episode 4 which you will be able to find on our official YouTube Channel

Smell of Gasoline——————————————–

This is our second music video off of the EP.  This music video was shot at The Jambox in Seattle (RIP).  Directing this video was the ever-so-talented Josh Kirkwood.  He is the same music video director who directed “Honestly.”  In the final weeks of the Jambox’s life, we managed to shoot an entire music video around her.  The Jambox was a second home for musicians around Seattle since the 90s. We are so grateful that we managed to capture her in a video.  Look for this music video to come out in Spring of 2013.  In the meantime, here’s Honestly…

Breaking Brad TV ——————————————————–

We will be talking about this very shortly as details are allowed to be released, but Brad Nolan from 98.9 took some time and interviewed Andrea and myself. The show is focused on rising bands and we are super excited to be part of it!  For more updates:

Hella stoked!  – Will and The Adarna

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