Saikou Con 2014 – Headlining Artist

We are sooooo stoked!  Have you ever been to an anime convention?  You haven’t?  Weeeeeellllll, let me tell you a bit about my experience with them…  
I’ve been a comic book, video game, anime, manga, and martial arts flick aficionado for quite sometime.  I didn’t realize that there is a place where people gather to talk about some of my favorite things.  I just thought that was something you kind of keep to yourself like… going shopping for underwear, working out, or going on long google tangents.  But no!  There is a mecca for all of this joy! They’re called anime conventions and they’re amazing.

Con-goers are unlike any kind of people that I’ve met in this world.  You can have really honest and fun conversations free of judgement.   Basically, you get to geek-out on being a geek.  It’s a blast!  In conclusion, The Adarna have been asked to perform at Saikou Con 2014 in  Breinigsville, PA.    Here’s a promo video we did for it.  Pennsylvania folk — we want to see you there!

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