The Adarna and Yuji

Happy early Cinco de Mayo kittens,

Chozen, Yuji Okumoto

We wanted to give you something awesome to geek about with us…  Do you guys remember the bad-guy Japanese kid from “Karate Kid 2?”   He was whooping Daniel-san’s ass and taking the babe for himself in the final scene. Just then, somehow, to an orchestra of denden-daiko’s (hand drums), Daniel-san began to get all pumped-up and all super saiyan-ee (minus the blonde), and he defeated Chozen with a slew of backhands.

Awkward, impractical, totally 80s, and we friggin loved it.

Chozen’s character was played by Yuji Okumoto. A lean, mean, fighting machine. What’s going on with that guy these days??

He’s still acting in movies, and owns a local restaurant in Seattle worth scoping out called ” Kona Kitchen.” He’s also producing/directing.  In fact, The Adarna were honored to be chosen (or Chozen?? tee-hee) to have “Smell of Gasoline” be the background music for Yuji’s film, “Out.”   How awesome it that!?!

“Out” was recently featured at  The New Port Beach Festival and will also be appearing at the  Seattle International Film Festival from May 17-June 10th, 2012.  Definitely scope it out if you’re going!

Yuji Okumoto’s “Out”.   Music by The Adarna  “Smell of Gasoline”
The Adarna with Yuji

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