The Adarna to Rock and Rally for the Troops!

Rock & Rally For The TroopsHey guys, this is Will.  We are honored to have been asked by Operation Ward 57 to perform at their Rock and Rally for the Troops!  We wanted to share this news!–you know, the whole put-good-vibrations-out-in-the-world thing…

Speaking for myself, I’m a military brat. Military life has always been something I’ve grown up around and supported.  To believe in something bigger than yourself is an enormous undertaking.  Not all of us are brave enough to do this kind undertaking, and it’s easy for people to place the blame instead of physically trying to make a difference.   The importance of this event is to honor the courage and sacrifices our fellow men/women make for us so we can cherish our freedoms.

To be wounded while defending your family, your brothers/sisters and your country is unimaginable, and we hope you will join us for this event to honor our heroes.

There is a section on Operation Ward’s website if you’d like to help make a donation for Military Veterans.