The First Of Many…

Ever come back to look at a mission statement or New Year’s resolution and realize what a huge undertaking you’ve set out for?  Whether that’s shedding a few pounds or believing you’ve got what it takes to follow a goal all the way through… It’s even more difficult if you share that idea aloud…

5 Years.  The Adarna has set in place specific goals to be reached within 5 years…no, don’t ask.  A gentleman doesn’t brag. 🙂  If those goals are achieved, then great!  Let’s keep going!  If not, the odds were against us but we’ve saved ourselves from being those hippies at the bar talking about how their band is about to break; they’re just waiting for the call…  “Um…Dude, you’re 45.  Did you ever think maybe that boat has sailed?”

When does the marker start?  March 2nd, 2012.  I don’t think it’s fair to start a race without truly being prepared for the undertaking.  So, we are starting the counter from the release of our debut EP.  I hope you enjoy the ride and take in to account that we are DIY band.  We don’t “know” somebody in the industry.  We’ve been playing crappy bars in our other band’s for over a decade.  We still work 9-5 in a day job. We’re no different than you or your buddies band.

My hope, is that by documenting our thoughts that we can inspire, educate or warn people of what could come-to-pass by following faith while busting your ass to get there.  Here’s to the journey. Hell, and here’s to Journey! *cue Don’t Stop Believing*

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