The Making of An Album : All or Nothing

After years of work and honing our songs, we're excited to share with you The Adarna's first LP Album! It'll be 11 songs of rock magic but we need YOUR help to make this next album a reality...

We have started a Kickstarter all-or-nothing fundraising campaign and we're already off to a strong start!   The fundraising campaign will only work if it's fully funded and reaches the goal by .  If you are really strapped for cash and can't help financially, we greatly appreciate it you'll help share the campaign so that we can get The Adarna's first full length album out!    If you are able to help, packages start at $15 for the album and you can also choose from private shows, BBQ listening parties, autographed CDs, handwritten lyrics and so many more rewards.  To reserve your future copy and choose your package, click [here]


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