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Rockin’ the Holidays: Gifts for Your Budding Musician

Whether you’re shopping for a child or an experienced musician, learn the secrets to picking out the perfect musical gift this Christmas.
It’s that time of year again to be making lists and checking them twice! But what do you get for the budding musical prodigy in your life? It can be difficult with all the options out there, especially if you are not familiar with the music world. Do you know if you’re going to be getting them music to listen to, a new instrument to learn perhaps? If you possibly do have a prodigal musiscian to buy for, you might want to also look into getting some of the highest quality sounding preamplifiers or other musical technology from professional audio stores such as Graham Slee HiFi and others, for various audio creation and playback technology.
Luckily, we’ve consulted our very own group of Christmas elves to help you with your shopping a little more this year. Okay, these musicians may not be from the North Pole, but they can help you check the musical gifts off that list with confidence.
For the littlest music elves
Are there little people in your life who have taken an early interest in music? Maybe they’ve already left you behind, and you’re not sure how to shop. Maybe they aren’t interested yet, but you’re hoping the right gift will inspire them.
All I want for Christmas is a lifeline
If you’re completely at a loss about which instrument to select for a new player, try some subtle espionage.
William Moore of The Adarna and The Slants
William Moore is the frontman of The Adarna, the first band to coin the genre of Jet City Rock. He is also lead guitarist for The Slants, a Chinatown Dance Rock Band. If you don’t know where to start, Moore suggests some careful observation.
Everyone is drawn to a different instrument based on their personality. Take them to a concert and see what they react to, or see what they’re listening to. That should give you some clues. – William Moore
You may not have the resources to set up a half-dozen first lessons, so try taking the child in question to a music store. Most have a variety of instruments set up and ready to play. See which he or she gravitates to, and where he or she spends the most time.

Gift ideas for experienced musicians

If you’re shopping for a musician who has already found a favorite instrument (or two), and is pursuing his or her talent, it may be even easier to find a great gift.

Gifts for guitarists

On the first day of Christmas, Oliver Denyer recommends two (or more) packs of strings and staying in tune.
Guitar tuners are pretty neat. They save a lot of time, especially when you’re about to perform live. Guitarist always need new strings, find their preferred gauge and brand, and buy them as many packs as you like. This is a no-brainer!

Learn more with our expert guitar tuner buying guide and acoustic strings buying guide or electric strings buying guide.

William Moore wants to make sure every guitar player’s Christmas morning has enough volume.
One of my favorite gadgets for guitarists are mini amplifiers that plug directly into your guitar. Perfect gift for parents because it’s affordable and quiet. You can go online to Most guitarists will always appreciate a pack of guitar picks in their favorite gauge as well.