WOTS – Word on the Street Podcast

WOTS – Word on the Street Podcast

William Perry Moore from The Adarna Featured on WOTS - Word on the Street

William was recently featured on the podcast WOTS - Word on the Street, which is focused around the Seattle Music Scene and hosted by The Zim.  If you can bare through the first couple of minutes of poor quality from the skype call 😛 , you'll get to hear as William talks about The Adarna, their journey, and his views on the industry.

William was first made aware of this podcast after the Zim interviewed SMI writer and band manager Robin Fairbanks.  Naturally, he jumped at the chance to share his perspective talking about some of his favorite bands in the music scene, fundraisers (All-Star Porn Jam), touring life, supporting a music scene, and also suggestions on how to see forward progress in a music career.

Other things (in no particular order) William talks about:  Thai Dao, Jamie Rose, Veritas, Death by Overkill, Funiture Girls, Van Eps, Syztem7, Spotify Playlists, Ten Miles Wide, Intisaar, Bruiser Brody, and Upstream Music Festival.

Enjoy the podcast!