The Art of Stickin’ to Your Guns

Inside the craziness of Will’s head: 

Good day boys and girls! Will from The Adarna here. Today I wanted to you about stickin’ to your guns. If you’re not familiar with this term, it means to remain firm in one’s convictions. It’s definitely something that is thrown around in the category of “obvious knowledge” however, this context applies to finicky artsy types. With somewhere around 350 shows under my belt I have these tidbits for aspiring venues, bands, bookers, and music lovers.

1) The old days of hair metal bands trashing hotels is over. Most venues are small business owners and this is their baby.

2) Be the change you want to see around you. It’s not easy but you’ll find others like you over time.

3) I think we can all clearly agree that we hate being stood up, lied to, and mislead. Don’t do it to anyone else.

4) Don’t work with people who don’t respect your efforts.

5a) The stage is sacred ground. Your heroes and idols belong there. Honestly ask yourself if you do too. Be prepared or don’t take the stage–there’s plenty of fire-pits you can play your acoustic guitar at.

5b) Not everyone is cut out to be a performer. However, everyone is cut out to create art. Just think of your best way of presenting your art and focus on that. I was reminded of this recently as I watched someone butcher their own song on stage.

6) Nobody in this world wants you to fail. Seriously.
Who goes to a party/bar/venue/park to say, “I knew this place was awful but I came anyway so I could see how right I am!” Or, “I came to watch your band and I was right–you do suck! Ha!” Nobody does that. Everybody looks for those moments of inspiration so we can be swept away. We’re grateful for moments where you break the mind numbing cycles and allow us to be present and in the moment. But you can’t create those moments unless you are fearless. Commit, focus, and believe in yourself because all of us believe in you. We just don’t say it with words.