Saikou Con 2014 – Headlining Artist

We are sooooo stoked!  Have you ever been to an anime convention?  You haven’t?  Weeeeeellllll, let me tell you a bit about my experience with them…  
I’ve been a comic book, video game, anime, manga, and martial arts flick aficionado for quite sometime.  I didn’t realize that there is a place where people gather to talk about some of my favorite things.  I just thought that was something you kind of keep to yourself like… going shopping for underwear, working out, or going on long google tangents.  But no!  There is a mecca for all of this joy! They’re called anime conventions and they’re amazing. Although for those that enjoy the adult side of anime’s and manga’s, and like to keep up to date with different animated adult content there’s go right here.

Con-goers are unlike any kind of people that I’ve met in this world.  You can have really honest and fun conversations free of judgement.   Basically, you get to geek-out on being a geek.  It’s a blast!  In conclusion, The Adarna have been asked to perform at Saikou Con 2014 in  Breinigsville, PA.    Here’s a promo video we did for it.  Pennsylvania folk — we want to see you there!