The Adarna team up with Curtain Call Records

The Adarna - Curtain Call Records

Hey all, William here!  We’re proud to announce our latest superhero team-up! As you know, we’re working on our first full length album which we started just before the 2017 holidays and it’s coming along brilliantly! As we said before there’s a steep learning curve, but that shouldn’t stop us. This week we are meeting with our producer to start going over the current state of the tracks. In order for world domination*  and to get this record out to as many brutally epic fans as possible we need your help to spread our current music!   A share of a video or song goes a long way, and you shall be rewarded with high fives, in the halls of Valhalla!

With this in mind, The Adarna are teaming up with Curtain Call Records to join in this mighty conquest to spread the good word of The Adarna and their- Jet City Rock!   Stay pumped and stay tuned!

*All crossed-out words should be said aloud in your best death metal voice possible. Extra points for doing it quietly at your desk, but low enough that it bothers Janice in accounting.  Mind your own biz-nass Janice, dang.


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