Seattle’s The Adarna To Embark On Dollars & Dignity Tour!

2017 is looking to be a benchmark year for the “Jet City Rockers” known as The AThe Adarna Rocklahoma 2017darna, and it all focuses around their upcoming Dollars & Dignity Tour. Though this is going to be their 7th National Tour—having already exposed a large portion of the country to their brand of catchy, melodic rock tunes that are guaranteed to stay with you for a very long time—this is by far going to be their biggest! Running from May 12th-August 26th, their schedule is filled with huge festivals (including an appearance at the largest hard rock/heavy metal music festival in the U.S.: Rocklahoma), their fourth appearance at the prestigious Saikoucon, shows along the west coast and southern border, and they will also be taking time out during the tour to record their first full-length E.P. (to be engineered by Grammy Award-winner Greg Tobler). 2017 looks to be a year when great, sing-along rock and roll that touches the souls of its fans is going to be on everyone’s radar, and it’s apparent that with their schedule, The Adarna are going to be captaining this ship.

Tour Dates:  

05/12/17—Skylark- Tour Kick off; Seattle, WA
05/13/17—Firkin Tavern; Portland, OR
05/14/17—Hotel Utah; San Francisco, CA
05/15/17—Viper Room; West Hollywood, CA
05/16/17—Black Hills High School, Yucca Valley, CA
05/16/17—Yucca Tap Room; Tempe, AZ
05/17/17— (Cancelled) Taos Mesa Brewing Amphitheater; El Prodo, NM
05/18/17—Depot O Bar; Lubbock, TX
05/19/17—Notsuoh; Houston, TX
05/20/17—Dirty Dog Bar; Austin, TX
05/21/17—Private Event, New Orleans, LA
05/22/17—(Cancelled) Zeppelin’s; Biloxi, MS
05/23/17—(Cancelled) Green Door Music Hall; Fort Walton Beach FL
05/26-05/27—ROCKLAHOMA; Pryor, OK
05/28/17—Pumphouse; Wichita, KS
05/30/17—Lion’s Lair; Denver, CO
06/01/17—The Loading Dock; Salt Lake City, UT
06/02/17—Boise Hive ; Boise, ID
06/03/17—3rd Wheel; Lewiston, ID
06/03/17— Rock n Roll Marathon – Seattle; Seattle, WA
07/01/17—Slims Last Chance; Seattle, WA
07/04/17—July 4th Angle Lake Concert; Seatac, WA
07/07/17—Capps Club; Kenmore, WA
07/16/17—Capital Lakefair Festival; Olympia, WA
07/21/17—Ash St Saloon; Portland, OR
07/22/17—Shift Festival; Grass Valley, OR
08/03/17—Hiawatha Summer Concert Series;  Seattle, WA
08/04/17—Mickey’s Pub; Yakima, WA
08/05/17—Cruisers; Post Fall, ID
08/10/17—Rockin’ Buffalo; West Seneca, NY
08/11/17—Pineapple Jack’s; Rochester, NY
08/12/17—Private Event; West Monroe, NY
08/13-08/17/17—Recording; Stamford, CT
08/16/17—33 Golden Street; New London, CT
08/18-08/20/17—SAIKOUCON; Allentown, PA
08/23/17—Why Sound; Logan, UT
08/24/17—Liquid; Boise, ID
08/25/17—Roslyn Roadhouse; Roslyn, WA
08/26/17—High Dive; Seattle, WA