Honorary Adarna Members

Former Comrades in Arms

Though our roads no longer connect, we think of them fondly.  Thank you for the laughter, fun times, and music.  Please stay in touch with them and follow them on their future journies.



Jeremiah Hazel

Honorary Members

As many of you might know, being on the road brings you closer to one another and creates a bond.  You see it in those who serve, sports teams, family, and couples.  Makes sense you'd see it in a band too!   These are our honorary Team Adarna members who believed in and share in our journey.

Josh "Jswole" helping TM The Adarna

"J-swole" is what we call him.   Josh is, of course, the brother of William.  He has been a longtime supporter of his brother's career helping at conventions during a number of tours as well as Tour Managing for the overseas Project Gratitude Tour (2015-16)!

Shana on Tour with The Adarna

THE MUSCLE! Despite her petite stature, that girl is pure muscle! Shana was the first to tour with The Adarna for our Mini tour (2012) & West Coast Tour (2013) Be sure to say hi as you see her around!

Kathi Cooper "Rocket"

Kathi "Rocket" Cooper -  Kathi is a legend in the music community, she’s been selling merchandise for bands since the 80s and man has she got some stories! AKA “our secret weapon,” Kathi joined The Adarna on their 10th National Tour alongside Hinder, Saving Abel, and American Sin (Lucky 7 Tour (2019))

Patrick Savellowitz The Adarna

Patrick "Savellowitz" - Not only did he help with some of the construction of Wendy, but he joined The Adarna as a driver/roadie through tornadoes, breakdown, and rock and roll on their Dollars & Dignity Tour (2018)

RGB Robb on tour with The Adarna

RGB Robb - We found this writer when we came Salt Lake City during our Tomorrow May Never Come Tour (2014).  We, of course, stayed in touch and Robb joined us on the road as our touring publicist for the Jet City Tour (2016)