The Adarna Cameo Appearance

The Adarna Cameo Appearance

Hey there guys!   Wanted to share a fun thing that popped up online.  Back in 2011, The Adarna, were honored to be part of Yuji Okumoto's short film "OUT" as the credits rolled on by.  OUT is about Yuji's character being released after 15 years in prison, tries to reconnect with his estranged son and discovers he is not exactly what he expected.

Wait why does Yuji look familiar? You might recognize Yuji from Karate Kid 2 as he was whippin' some Daniel-san bootay!  But he's been doing a lot of acting since then and appearing in a lot of film's you've probably seen.

It's no secret that both Oliver & William were caught by the acting bug, but more recently William appeared as an Ozeki Henchman in Yuji's other short called "Black Thread."   The short is about a hitman who finds himself caught between his desire for revenge and damning himself to a hell of eternal suffering. #nice #brutal

So if you're interested in seeing the short, you're in luck!  You're only inches away from being able to.

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