New Single, New Sleek Look and a 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

New Single, New Sleek Look and a 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Braver Than Yesterday The Adarna Artwork Thank you guys for being patient with us!  We are excited to announce that April 1st, 2022 will not only mark our 10 Year Anniversary show in Seattle but it also marks a new era for The Adarna!  10 Years!  Can you believe it!?  In that time we did 2 international tours, 8 national tours, released 3 albums, ran with all the punches that came with touring, new members, and sweet Jet City Rock riffs.  But NOW, we are onto our most devastatingly handsome phase of The Adarna.  To kick off this new era we are releasing our single "Braver Than Yesterday" which will be available on all streaming platforms on April 1st.  Y'know, like April fools day....but seriously.


My, my you're eager... I like that!  During the pandemic, The Adarna changed to being a 3-piece, which meant a shift in the way that the songs would be written.  Traditionally, we had written songs to focus on a more distinct rhythm versus a lead section that would dance around the vocals.  Being down a guitarist meant we had to look at breaking down chords to more essential sequences and the bass would need to take a larger weight load of the melody.  This was a really different way to think that led us down a whole path of a new way of writing.  So you'll be seeing some changes in the way we write moving forward!

Separately, this also marked a chance for us to step up our recording game.  All parts were recorded and produced by The Adarna.  This was about us deciding how to take full control of our music and artistic direction.  Which probably had something to do with calling our song, "Braver Than Yesterday."


Yes sir, yes sir!  The Adarna are welcoming Jake Lord into the fold as their mighty new six-string samurai!  Jake came to the band after Braver Than Yesterday was already written, but his distinct style complimented William's guitar playing so much that we decided to reopen the recording session and have him play on the song.   We are excited about the energy and creativity he's bringing to The Adarna and moving forward we will be sure to have him woo you with his sultry vocals, mind-gasmic guitar solos,  and flurry of weed-a-lee weed-a-lees. #weedalee4life


10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW DETAILS  (click here for tickets)

The Adarna 10 Year Anniversary Show


The Adarna 10 year Anniversary at Drunkys