COVID-19 Won’t Stop The Adarna! FB Live Broadcast

COVID-19 Won’t Stop The Adarna! FB Live Broadcast

"Goonies never say die!"  (Did I just date myself there?)  The Adarna, just like everyone else, has been seeing the effects of the Corona virus affecting friends, jobs, and business owners.  We want y'all to be safe and empathetic to everyone out there!  The Adarna was forced to cancel a show on 3/14/20 but they decided to do a live Facebook broadcast of them performing some songs for their fans who missed the show as well as others who might be jonesing for some Jet City Rock! For people who couldn't see the video on Facebook, we're uploading it here for you to enjoy!   So buckle in, share the video, and support The Adarna from this Facebook Live Feed.  (Click on the Facebook Live Feed directly if you want to see comments in real-time.)

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Facebook Live Streaming of The Adarna Set...#HappyHour #TheAdarna #AdarnaLive #JetCityRock

Posted by The Adarna on Saturday, March 14, 2020

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