Drugstore Cowgirl Music Video Released!

Drugstore Cowgirl Music Video Released!

 Okay what's in the heck we're you thinking with this music video?

What an excellent and poignant question!  Well this is The Adarna's 6th music video.  We're always trying to push ourselves with ways to visually tell the song's story in a different way.  We also knew we wanted Drugstore Cowgirl to highlight the humor of the band.    That's something we haven't done yet.  Though we talk about serious subjects often in our music, if you ever get a chance to meet us as individuals, we're some pretty goofy people.

Who did you work with for this music video?

We worked with Tetraknot (formerly Avast).  This is our 5th music video with them and we really love how they can play off of images we see easily.

Can you briefly explain what's going on in this video?

Sure!  Living in Seattle, we see the rise of many conglomerates.  Who now-a-days doesn't order everything from Uber, Amazon, or even Starbucks?   In this video, the major company Drugstore Cowgirl Industries (#DCI) controls everything in the media.  We wanted to play the idea of an icon that DCI would market around to be a cowboy character, played by our own Oliver SpencerWilliam plays the DCI spokes person.  Murdock plays the DCI delivery person and Andreka plays the pharmacist for DCI.  Plus there's a host of cameos from musicians and friends in the local scene!    We're stoked to share it with you!