Dream Tours and Safe Wishes!

Dream Tours and Safe Wishes!

We wanted to share this fun video from Digital Tour Bus when they caught up with The Adarna while on tour and posed the question... If you could tour with anyone (alive or dead) on a DREAM TOUR! Who would it be with? Murdock and William step up to answer this might question!   Who would you want to tour with??  Interested in seeing more interviews for The Adarna? Click here.


The Adarna Dream Tours

Hey everyone!  William Perry Moore from The Adarna here.  We'd like to take the time to thank everyone for supporting us!  We're in the creating music game for the long haul so don't you worry, we're not going anywhere and we'll make it through this COVID-steppin-on-my-touring-game slump!  I know 2020 has been a pretty rockin' punch in the nuts for everyone.  This really did test everyone but we can see some interesting changes on the horizon.  On the positive, people can get more things delivered now!  It's been a great time to learn new skills that you might not have had time to invest in, and I can foresee a new breed of music venues emerging.  But let's leave psychic rants to when we are mano y mano with a shot of bourbon.

As for us, what's next?  Well, I can tell you that The Adarna was designed to be a touring band and we will resume touring when businesses begin to ramp up again.    The downside is that since we're not touring, we're not makin' that (Roberto) Dinero which allows us to stay on the road.   So in the meantime, we've decided to continue tracking and writing with new demos to be released in the coming New Year.  We look forward to hearing what you guys think!  You can always help us out by sharing our music, or checking out the merch page, or donating to the band.

We miss playing massive shows and partying with all of you!  We want you to stay safe and hug your loved ones!  We'll get to hang out again (or for the first time) again soon.   From all of us, you have a  Happy New Year!

-William, Andreka, Oliver, and Murdock