Preshow Rituals with The Adarna

Preshow Rituals with The Adarna

On The Adarna's Lucky 7 Tour, Digital Tour Bus caught up with The Adarna in Belvidere Illinois before their show at the Apollo Theatre with Hinder.   The Adarna gave DTB a first-hand walkthrough of our tour bus, Wendy, you can see it here.  After that, we got talking about pre-show rituals.  Rituals!? As in burning incense, lighting candles, and sacrificing frogs?  Well, yes, of course, that...  but on the tamer side of things, William Perry Moore and Murdock go through a few of their daily rituals to prepare themselves for a Jet City Rock performance.   As much as we'd all like to jump into badass performances right away, it can take some time to get oneself focused on the Art of Face Melting.   Check out the video below!

Do Andreka and Oliver also have rituals?   They sure do!

Andreka:  I like to chew gum and sharpen my guitar picks on the carpet.  Bruuutal!

Oliver:  Calisthenics, stretching, cough drums, humming over some scales.  I mentally go over the harder parts of the songs Bass notes followed by telling irreverent jokes to burn away any nervousness.   Then, I focus on all the thoughts about not looking or sounding foolish -- then forget them.   Double Bruuutal!

What kind of pre-show rituals have you heard of?  Share with us in the comments below!  Thanks for always supporting us and stay safe out there!

The Adarna in Pennsylvania