On Set Of “Drugstore Cowgirl” Music Video

On Set Of “Drugstore Cowgirl” Music Video

It was September 2019 and a great deal of silliness was about to befell.  The Adarna had gathered with Tetraknot to set out in making their 5th video with this production company.    The Adarna embarked on taking a completely new direction for their song, Drugstore Cowgirl.   Making this their 2nd music video off of the Road to Resonance album.

And now, a word from Chief tight pants and master of high kicks himself, William:

Q:  What's different about this music video versus other videos?
W:   This will be solely a storyline video (versus a performance video).  On top of that, I wanted to highlight some of our ideas and humor.  Yes, we do play in a serious rock band that talks about serious ideas and issues.  However, if you follow us online you might already have a sense of this, we are downright silly individuals.  Musicians don't always have to be moody people 🙂  This was also a great opportunity to involve some of our fans, friends, and other musicians to be part of our music videos.   Likely, this will set a new trend with how we make future music videos.

Q:  What was the reason you chose not to perform in the video?
We've already done that with our past music videos, we thought we'd try something new.

Q: Wasn't there some kind of music video you guys were filming on the East Coast?
W:  Yes originally, but it wasn't a good fit for us.  I think it's important to stay true to your band's art and the ideas behind it which is why we felt we owed our fans this next video.

Q: What's it like filming a music video?
There's a lot of "hurry up and wait."  You need to have shots planned out but more importantly, you need to have time for creative on-the-fly ideas to happen.   It does help that Oliver and I  have film experience so we know what shots we're trying to capture, but it's a reciprocal process with the production team.  We're very fortunate working with Tetraknot.  Since the beginning, they've been able to take our ideas, talk them out, provide options and make them come to fruition.

Q:  Since the MTV generation is passe, is there a point for making music videos?
W:  You shut your beautiful mouth!  Yes, there's still a point to making videos.  Most of us are visual creatures!  This offers us another medium to talk about an idea.  Whether or not the video goes onto some video network, this is just another way to tell a story.

Q:  Should we expect some kind of outtake reel then?
W:  I think that's safe to say.

Q:  There seems to be a reoccurring character in your music videos so far.  Is there a reason for this?
W:  ...I don't know what you're talking about.

Q:  Wait, what?
W:  Wuuuuut?

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