“What’s Your Name” Single Release 12/20/22!

“What’s Your Name” Single Release 12/20/22!

What's Your Name (Single) Artwork. The Adarna 2022

Hey all!  William here.  We are proud to announce our next latest single "What's Your Name" which releases Dec 20th this year!  Hot dog!  Just in time for the holidays.  It will be available for streaming on all platforms.

This was a particularly interesting recording for me.  There is always a race that exists when creating art.  In order to capture art at the moment you can't overthink or sit on anything for too long.  Despite what I just said, accompanied by the factors of 1) how the pandemic changed the music scene 2) Bringing in Jake Lord as our new guitarist 3)  and me physically being bogged down by creating a new studio from scratch... this release is long overdue.    Some interesting challenges were that this marks one of the first songs we recorded ourselves without a producer.  (The first song we released without a producer was "Braver Than Yesterday.")  We also blended guitars recorded through amplifiers back in 2019 with new tracking through the Headrush systems in 2022.   We're finding this recording method is giving it this warm yet "crispy" sound...oooh!  Good tone word!

The concept of this song has been rattling around for a minute for me.   All manors of people are encouraged to share details of their lives with a cyber public.  It is fascinating to get glimpses into people's lives but often we forget that initial step of just introducing ourselves to one another.  In other words, "what's your name?"

You can check out Lyrics, credits, and get a sneak preview of the track all from here.