Smell of Gasoline & Honestly Remastered

Smell of Gasoline & Honestly Remastered

The Adarna will be re-releasing Remastered versions of "Smell of Gasoline" and "Honestly" off their debut self-titled 2012 EP.    At the time when we released the album, we were thinking of it more as a business card in order to make connections.  10 years later these two have become heavily requested songs and often crowd favorites.    These songs represented very large steps for William, as they came at the tail end of his previous band, Veritas, coming to an end.  Smell of Gasoline was the first to pop up when William started writing for The Adarna.  It represented change and the need to continue despite everything you know reminding you of a past failed relationship. If you're familiar with Veritas' body of work, (and I highly recommend you check it out as it's available to streaming platforms) that was William's first band ever!  

A lot of the music was electro-rock or as we called it "Operatic Synth Rock."  But it wasn't a full-speed-ahead "rock band."  The writing of Honestly was William's real honest stab toward writing rock vocals and riffing.  This led to a much clearer path for The Adarna. It was felt in the love they experienced from their fans but also a new demographic became clearer to the band.     The band's music video for Honestly was played at Harley-Davidson retail stores as well as at gyms like LA Fitness.  Armed Forces Radio would also air the band's song for listening and eventually leading towards more troops and MWR-focused events like the Project Gratitude Tour to SW Asia and more recently performing at Whidbey Naval Base. 

We are proud to release these songs because of what they have led us to find and become.   "I have seen band's not willing to perform older material which led them to the entire reason why we showed up to their concert," states William.  "They would use excuses like it's 'overplayed' or 'we're bored of playing this song.'  I think that's the worst thing you could say to something or someone you loved passionately.  Yes, we may be very excited about new material but the only reason why we can even talk about new material is BECAUSE of what we did in the past.  We owe it to our fans and followers to be proud of showing our past works of art.  The respect they deserve is by playing the shit out of them!  Otherwise, why play out?"   

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